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IGP Stands for Quality, Safety, and Reliability – Values that Give you a Great Future.

It’s people that make the difference: About 600 employees form the foundations of our company. On average, they stay with IGP for eight years. Their commitment, ideas, and skills drive our continuous, sustainable growth.

Do you want to be part of this success?


Your Future Prospects

IGP Offers you Inspiring and Fascinating Work. Discover the Wide Variety of Jobs in Different Fields now.

  • Mitarbeiterin der IGP Pulvertechnik AG zeigt Rohstoff für Pulverlacke | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
    Laboratory, Technology and Development
    Strength based on innovation. Our products depend on creative ideas and the curiosity that inspires us to create new solutions.
  • Sales and Consulting
    Strength based on partnership and service. Together with our customers we form a strong team dedicated to finding the right powder coating for every project.
  • Production, Maintenance and Logistics
    Strength based on quality. The right raw materials combined with our expertise create top powder coatings.
  • Quality Assurance
    Strength based on reliability. Seamless testing ensures consistent quality. As part of our quality assurance process, we test our products to ensure compliance with the specifications.
  • Service Functions
    Strength based on business acumen. Various teams work in the background and are just as important to our success.
  • Apprentices
    Strength based on training. The focus of our apprenticeships is on real-life practical tasks and learning situations. We thus ensure you are prepared for the challenges of today’s world.

One Company – one Culture

Our Focus is on the People that Make up our Company.

Highly motivated employees deliver top performance and make our customers happy. Apart from optimal working conditions, our attractive IGP culture provides the basis for top employee motivation. We live and breathe our corporate culture and invest in its continuous improvement.

  • Diversity and Equality
    • We believe the diversity of our employees is a strength. Different talents and views enrich our company and drive our development

    • We are committed to equal opportunities for all employees regardless of factors such as nationality, gender, or function. And this promise is not just lip-service. We pay equal wages for equal work and offer every employee the same opportunities for advancement

  • Trust and Satisfaction
    • As a family-run company, we rely on trust-based management. We work together on achieving our vision and we know our employees give their best every day for our success. This creates an inspiring environment where people enjoy their work

    • We’re proud of the high level of employee satisfaction at IGP and do everything we can to support the personal development of every member of our team

  • Continuity and Development
    • Every day, our longstanding employees apply their extensive know-how and skills for the benefit of our customers
    • IGP’s rapid growth also results in a large intake of new employees who enrich the company with fresh ideas and abilities


  • Flexibility and Responsibility
    • Option of flexible working models for an optimum work-life balance
    • Bottom-up decision processes: short paths, efficient processes, autonomy at every level
    • The health and safety of our employees is crucial to us. That’s why we operate an effective Company Health and & Safety Management policy
  • Promotion and Development
    • We support talent by offering opportunities for exciting technical and management careers. Our supervisors regularly discuss development options with all employees
    • We provide financial support and time credits for further training
    • Training our junior staff is a key priority

The New IGP Value Film is Here.

As an international, innovative family company, the film represents IGP and its core values. Passion, team spirit, partnership, and reliability take center stage and accompany the employees in their daily work. Over the course of four exciting days, the film crew, along with 26 IGP employees from various departments, worked together to shoot the film.

The collaboration was successful and resulted in an impressive outcome. The employees of IGP are proud to be part of this project and represent the values in this way.

  • «At IGP, people treat each other as equals.»

    Sadat Jakupi
    Technical Consultant | IGP Powder Coatings Switzerland
  • «Even on Future Day in the 6th grade, I really enjoyed myself at IGP.»

    Florim Pajaziti
    Accountant | IGP Powder Coatings Switzerland
  • «I identify 100% with IGP.»

    Fekri Ibrahimi
    Head of Quality Control | IGP Powder Coatings Switzerland
  • «At IGP, I can unleash my creativity and love of experimentation.»

    Carmen Grill
    Head of Customer Laboratory | IGP Powder Coatings Switzerland
  • «IGP is like one big family – we’re open and value each other.»

    Hubert Lesinski
    Employee Raw Material Warehouse | IGP Powder Coatings Poland
  • «I just enjoy my work, it involves exciting challenges every day.»

    Andrea Adler
    Customer Service Specialist | IGP Powder Coatings Germany
  • For Technical Talents
    Are you ready for the next step in your career? Wherever you are on the career ladder, IGP will boost your skills and knowledge. Be inspired by our job offers.
  • For Students
    Do you want to gain some initial work experience, or are you looking for an exciting project for your thesis? There’s always room at IGP for talented, motivated students.
  • For Future Apprentices
    Do you want to serve your apprenticeship in an innovative, globally operating, family-run company? Launch your career at IGP and lay a solid foundation for a successful future.