“The Increasing Quality Level Demanded by our Customers Motivates me to do Even More.”

Portrait of Fekri Ibrahimi

As Head of quality control, Fekri represents a key interface between production, the laboratory, process engineering, PPA, and quality testing. And that’s exactly what Fekri likes about his job. The variety of his tasks, contact with the various departments, and the resulting overview of problem-solving processes and their optimization are what motivate him every day.

Fekri has been working at IGP Pulvertechnik AG for more than 16 years. It was actually an unhappy circumstance that brought him to the company. His employer at the time was an auto painter who had to close his company. The job in production at IGP was supposed to be an interim solution. Instead, it turned out to be a new opportunity. Fekri moved from Production to Quality Testing and completed various training courses. Today he is a qualified quality specialist and technical team leader who says he identifies 100% with his employer and is very happy at IGP.

What he especially values about IGP is the focus on employees and the relaxed hierarchy. He also points out that IGP promotes and supports its employees in the right way. This means personal support and training, but also various technical aids that ensure harmonious co-working even in a workforce made up of a wide range of nationalities.

He takes a great interest in the growth of IGP, both here in Switzerland, and also globally. As a result, Fekri is very optimistic about the future. However, he also sees a number of clear challenges and processes that must be optimized. Fekri helps tackle these issues with full commitment, either from his base in Switzerland or on site, e.g., in Poland. He ensures the rollout of the required quality standards and corresponding training for the local employees.

The father of three spends his free time with his family, regularly taking trips with them.