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Do you want to serve your apprenticeship in an innovative, globally operating, family-run company? Launch your career at IGP and shape your future with us. We offer apprenticeships in an internationally operating company, a friendly and supportive work climate, and the opportunity to contribute to our company from day one. Build your future on solid foundations – with an apprenticeship at IGP!

  • «We’re passionate about training the next generation of professionals.»

    Rico Pfiffner
    Head of IT Infrastructure | IGP Powder Coatings Switzerland
  • «IGP provides a good foundation for entering the workforce and produces well-rounded and competent trainees.»

    Laura Segmüller
    Laboratory Technician | IGP Powder Coatings Switzerland

Find your Dream Profession at IGP.

IGP offers apprenticeships in seven different professions. Is one of them your dream profession? Then apply now at to join our company.

  • Plant Operator EFZ

    As a plant operator at IGP, you are responsible for the production of our high-quality powder coatings. You support the production process from order planning to processing the raw materials to packing the finished powder. You are responsible for setting up and re-equipping the plants, you monitor the ongoing production process, and you intervene if there are problems or breakdowns. In your daily work, ensuring the quality of our products is just as important as complying with safety regulations.

    Your Profile:

    • Technical aptitude: basic understanding of technical equipment and mechanical processes
    • Manual dexterity and/or practical skills
    • Ability to work with precision and care
    • Ability to concentrate
    • Reliability and sense of responsibility
    • Organizational talent
    • Capacity for teamwork
    • Ability to work under pressure and willingness to work at irregular hours (shift work)

    Classroom Training:

    • Teaching blocks: In years 1 and 2, 10 weeks of 5 school days each; in year 3, 9 weeks of 5 school days each spread out over the school year and held at the vocational school in Chur


  • Company Maintenance Specialist EFZ (In-House Service)

    As a company maintenance specialist at IGP, you are responsible for care and maintenance of our entire company site, including buildings, plants, electrical installations, parking lots, and green areas. Your work is very varied and takes place both indoors and outdoors. During your apprenticeship you use a large variety of tools – for example leaf blowers, high-pressure cleaners, lawnmowers – and you learn to maintain them yourself. Your duties also include fixing damage and performing repairs.

    Your Profile:

    • Good manual dexterity
    • Enjoyment of practical work
    • Interest in organizational and planning tasks
    • Flexible, reliable work ethic
    • Physical fitness

    Classroom Training:

    • Once per week you will attend the vocational school in St. Gallen
  • IT Specialist EFZ (System Technology)

    As an IT specialist for system technology at IGP, you are responsible for the installation and maintenance of our IT systems. You support our employees when they have questions about IT equipment, and you set up PC workplaces, printers, and servers. As a specialist for system technology, you are also responsible for the installation, dismantling, operation, and monitoring of networks.

    Your Profile:

    • Very good grades in natural sciences, math, and languages
    • Good spatial awareness
    • Excellent logical and abstract thinking
    • Ability to work systematically and precisely
    • Enjoyment of solving complex tasks with tenacity and creativity
    • Enjoyment of experimentation and a capacity for teamwork

    Classroom Training:

    • 2 days / 1 day (year 4) per week at the vocational school in St. Gallen
    • BMS qualification possible
  • Commercial Employee EFZ

    The commercial employee apprenticeship at IGP is very varied. You will get to know around eight different areas. You will learn to advise customers, process orders, organize events, post invoices, and much more! In our international operations, you can apply and expand your language skills.

    Your Profile:

    • Interest in business processes
    • Flair for languages and numbers
    • Networked thinking
    • Enjoyment of working in a team and with other people
    • Ability to work independently and precisely
    • Enjoyment of working with computers

    Classroom Training:

    • 2 days / 1 day (year 3) per week at the vocational school in Wil
    • BMS qualification possible
  • Laboratory Technician EFZ (Paints and Coatings)

    During your apprenticeship as a laboratory technician at IGP, you will become an expert in the production of powder coatings. Among other things, you will get to know the raw materials and be thoroughly trained in mixing colors. For one third of the apprenticeship, you will work at our sister company, Dold AG in Wallisellen. At Dold you will learn how to work professionally with wet paints and coatings.

    Your Profile:

    • Good math abilities
    • Interest in natural sciences and technology
    • Enjoyment of experimentation, tenacity, and patience
    • Independence and a sense of responsibility

    Classroom Training:

    • 2 / 1.5 days (year 3) per week at the vocational school in Winterthur
    • BMS qualification possible
  • Logistics Specialist EFZ (Warehouse)

    As a logistics specialist, you work in our goods warehouse. You load and unload trucks, check incoming deliveries, enter them in the computer system, and issue transport documents. You will also learn to drive various types of industrial trucks and to operate complex conveyor systems.

    Your Profile:

    • Interest in warehouse management processes
    • Flair for practical work
    • Networked thinking
    • Enjoyment of working with computers
    • Sense of order
    • Technical aptitude
    • Good physical fitness

    Classroom Training:

    • 1 day per week at the vocational school in Rorschach
    • BMS qualification possible
  • Production Mechanic EFZ

    As a production mechanic at IGP, you are part of our workshop team. Together with your colleagues, you ensure our plants, machinery, and equipment work smoothly. You will learn drilling, turning, milling, and welding and perform repairs and maintenance on our production plants.

    Your Profile:

    • Interest in technical concepts
    • Good spatial awareness
    • Excellent manual dexterity
    • Enjoyment of manual work and work with machinery
    • Ability to work with precision and care

    Classroom Training:

    • 1 day per week at the vocational school in Rorschach
    • BMS qualification possible
  • Cook EFZ

    As a cook EFZ you are part of our canteen team at IGP and produce high-quality catering together with your colleagues. You also receive food, check it and store it properly.
    When you start work, you plan the day's schedule with your supervisor. You prepare the individual foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, starch side dishes, cold and vegetarian dishes according to their intended use. You prepare all dishes imaginatively to stimulate the appetite.
    As a cook, you need an overview and good work planning. Personal hygiene, cleanliness and order are also essential when cooking. Working standing up or in hot and cold conditions should also not be a problem for you.

    Your Profile:

    • Enjoys working with food and cooking
    • Good comprehension
    • Skilled hands
    • Hygiene awareness and sense of order
    • Ability to work in a team
    • Robust health (work mainly standing up)
    • Ability to work under pressure in hectic situations

    Classroom Training:

    • Training at three learning locations: company, vocational school and inter-company courses
    • During your three years of apprenticeship, you will attend the vocational school in Wattwil 1 day per week.
    • Possibility to specialize in specific topics in other companies


    • Shortened additional apprenticeships: Hotel Management EFZ, Dietary Cook EFZ, Restaurant Management EFZ, Baker-Confiseur EFZ
    • Various professional examinations
    • Higher technical examinations/technical colleges/universities of applied sciences
    • Higher education diploma (extra-occupational, full-time)

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