The Right Powder Coating for Your Application

Get to Know and Experience the Variety of Powder Coatings.

The technical and aesthetic requirements for surface technology are complex. Therefore, the central topics around the subject of powder coatings are listed here, in order to gain first impressions, to examine various topics more closely and to find the right powder coating for your project. 

Dive in and be inspired by the versatile application areas of powder coatings.

  • Beige/graue Wohnwand mit Sideboard und Regal. Behandelt mit Pulverlack für qualitative Ästhetik | © Shutterstock
    Various Fields of Application
    IGP offers a complete and comprehensive product range for a wide variety of applications to meet individual requirements at the highest level.
  • Funcional Properties
    Benefit from the extensive selection of powder coating systems. IGP powder coatings offer you optimum protective functions as well as a variety of design options with color, gloss and texture variants.

Diverse Powder Coating Topics

Insights into the Variety of IGP's  Powder Coating World.

Learn more about our daily experiences around the topic of powder coating here. Dive into the diverse matter and let yourself be inspired.

  • IGP-Effectives®

    Optical Depth with an Incomparable Effect Appearance.

    The powder coatings revolution for wood, wood-based materials and plastics.
  • IGP-LivingSurfaces

    Protection against electrostatic charge represents a risk to products that should not be underestimated.
  • LCS - LeCorbusier

    Exclusively worldwide: Powder coatings in Le Corbusier's trademarked colors.
  • Sustainability

    Careful use of resources, raw materials and energy.
  • Aesthetics

    Durable aesthetics paired with long-lasting protection.