IGP Melted Metal

Premium Coatings that exude a metallic, industrial Charm.

Melted Metal stands for a brilliant, metallic sheen. These effect coatings – based on the proven, super durable basecoat IGP-HWFclassic, Series 59 – offer long-lasting color and chalking resistance and meet the highest  standards in accordance with Qualicoat (Class 2) and AAMA 2604. Tradition and innovation merge into timeless architectural aesthetics.

The patented metal interference pigment system delivers a nuanced reproduction of the shade and metallic sheen of precious coin metals and their alloys. These alloys are composed of the elements gold, copper, and silver. Yet no (semi-)precious metals are needed to create these premium surfaces. Moreover, convincing representations of
chromium steel, polished aluminum, and elegant shades from the anodized color range can also be achieved.