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Testing at our In-House Laboratories.

IGP offers you a range of valuable services to further enhance and ensure the quality of your coatings. At our in-house research laboratories we perform more than one hundred different inspections and physical tests for you. We know what aspects are important when you apply powder coatings. Our examinations include everything from corrosion and weathering tests to mechanical tests to comparisons with competitors’ products.

IGP powder coatings are perfectly coordinated systems for virtually all applications in industry, architecture, vehicle manufacturing, and furniture design. All the powder coatings in our wide range undergo thorough testing. The tests are carried out both in our own research laboratories and under the most extreme conditions in the natural environment. We make special efforts when developing powder coatings to ensure they are eco-friendly as well as cost-effective. Simply download the certificates to prove it, or request them from us.

We can perform testing tailored to your specific requirements so that you can select the perfect coating for your application. The test certificates are also valuable decision-making criteria with regard to the quotations you prepare for your customers.