Public Transport: Withstand Constant Stresses

Powder Coatings that Shrug off the Damaging Effects of Chemicals and Solvents.

Coatings on road and rail vehicles are subjected to extreme mechanical and chemical stresses every day. The vehicle components are at risk of damage from weather, insects, bird droppings, sweat, cleaning, vibrations, and vandalism. This is why their coatings have to meet high requirements.

IGP is a specialist for powder coatings in the transport industry. A number of rail companies in Europe rely on their high quality and outstanding protection against weathering, corrosion, graffiti, and chemicals. These properties can significantly preserve the value of your road or rail vehicle fleets and protect your investments over the long term.

Buses, trains, trams, cable cars: What surfaces do you require? Simply let us know. We provide consulting and also develop powder coatings tailor-made for your transport company.

Weathering Protection

A Suitable Choice of our Products


Anti-graffiti powder coatings for exteriors with excellent chemical resistance.


Weather-resistant low-temperature powder coatings for universal use.


Chemically ultra-resistant powder coatings with anti-graffiti effect.

Weathering Protection: Toughening Vehicle Bodies

Tough Surfaces Protect your Investments in Vehicles.

Public-transport vehicles are usually exposed to the weather without protection. Depending on the region, they are under attack 24/7 from sun, wind, weather, humidity, salty atmosphere, and airborne pollutants. Effective protection of the surfaces is essential for long-term protection of vehicle bodies and to preserve the value of your investments.

Our powder coatings meet maximum requirements for weather-resistance and UV protection. They are available in certified corrosion classes and simultaneously provide high resistance to abrasion, cleaning agents, and scratching. All of this makes them the optimal solution for heavy-duty exterior surfaces in road and rail traffic.


Anti-graffiti: Highly Effective Protection

Incomparable Anti-graffiti Properties for your Vehicles.

Graffiti is a persistent problem for public transport companies. It appears on outer surfaces of vehicles as well as in passenger compartments. Our research department has worked intensively on protection against graffiti. The result is certified powder coatings with anti-graffiti properties unmatched by competitors anywhere in the world.

Our range consists of a seamless program of certified powder coatings for outer skins and interiors of vehicles. Regional and national rail companies throughout Europe rely on our powder coatings. Surfaces coated with our products benefit from long-term protection and simply shrug off the potentially damaging effects of aggressive chemicals or graffiti-removal agents.


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