“As Long as we Keep Smiling, we Can do anything.”

Portrait of Andrea Adler

“Our customers like to call us for a chat! We have good relationships with all our customers and we get a lot of positive feedback from our field sales colleagues.” During the 50th anniversary celebrations on the Zugspitze mountain, Andrea was able to meet a few customers in person, which was a special moment for her: “On the phone you only know a person’s voice, so when you get to see their face it makes the contact much more personal.”

Andrea’s daily work consists of dealing with customer inquiries by phone, recording orders, supporting invoicing, and cooperating with the field staff, especially when it comes to quotes. She also supports her colleagues in other areas. She says she is very flexible and likes to cover for people if they are away, or if they need extra support. “I enjoy doing it! Whenever I know that things are temporarily hectic, I want to step in and support my colleagues.” Andrea is very motivated by the knowledge that processes are running smoothly and the company is successful as a result.

Over the years, Andrea has had the opportunity to adjust her working hours to her life circumstances. This has enabled her to find a good balance between family and work. She believes this great flexibility in terms of working hours was a win-win for both herself and IGP. Her home is not far from the office, and Andrea is happy to cover for colleagues at short notice.

Most employees at IGP Deutschland have been with the company for a very long time. Andrea finds this an ideal situation that ensures a family atmosphere. “When you work together for a long time it becomes easier to understand how you and your colleagues tick. As a result, we work together harmoniously.” Andrea also finds cooperation with the headquarters and the other subsidiaries very pleasant. “I like the informality, it breaks down barriers. If there are any differences of opinion, they are only on a work level and never on a personal level.” When asked what she associates with IGP, Andrea thinks of qualities such as friendliness, solidarity, loyalty, harmony, plenty of fun and joy working together, as well as mutual understanding.

Sometimes, on a Monday, Andrea brings her colleagues a cake she has baked at the weekend. Baking and cooking are her hobbies. She also loves reading crime novels and thrillers: “I like a bit of suspense!”. And if she has any time left, she enjoys the beauty of nature!