Responsibility for People and the Environment

Powder Coating Technology is a Sustainable Coating Solution. We See Sustainability as a Key Part of our Corporate Identity and Take Responsibility for People, Natural Resources, and the Environment in Everything we do.

Excellent services contribute significantly to our status as a leading producer of powder coating systems. We not only supply powder, but also support our customers throughout their projects: during the coating process, at the machine, on the construction site, and during application. This is how we ensure our solutions contribute to resource and energy saving over the coating’s total life cycle, to the benefit of people and the environment. Sustainability is firmly anchored in IGP’s corporate strategy. In all areas we are highly motivated to take into account ecological, economic, and social aspects. When selecting suppliers, contract partners, and supply chains, we take appropriate steps to ensure that their conduct complies with our corporate ethical values.

Current Focuses

  • Expertise in the Production of Powder Coatings
    As a pioneer in the powder coating industry, IGP Pulverlacktechnik AG draws on deep, broad expertise.
  • No more VOCs  
    By making sure our products contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC), we are helping to protect the environment.
  • The IGP Company Challenge and MyClimate
    Sustainability has been at the core of our company’s DNA for decades. Now our apprentices are joining in.
  • Highly Durable Coatings are Key
    Quality powder coatings from IGP protect buildings over the long term, saving resources and benefiting the environment.
  • Green Building Labels Set Standards Worldwide
    Climate protection also applies to buildings. Green Building Labels are guidelines for environmentally friendly construction.
  • EPDs Provide Precise and Relevant Information
    Environmental product declarations provide transparent, quantified information about the environmental impact of our products.

Continuous Innovation

IGP Powder Coatings Invests a Considerable Share of its Sales Revenue in Research, Development and Innovation.

Powder Coatings

IR-optimized powder coatings for
cooler surfaces.

High Recycling Rate

IGP-Effectives® for
top recycling rates.

Energy Savings

systems for significant
energy savings.

  • «Our trainees are actively engaged in climate protection. We are very happy about that.»

    Karin Meier-Züllig
    Apprenticeship Specialist | IGP Powder Coatings Switzerland

Focus on People

People are at the Center of what we do. That Includes both our own Employees and our Customers.
  • Employees

    • Health and Safety Management

      The health and safety of our employees is a central priority for IGP. Our continuous training program focuses on safety throughout the company and has reduced accidents year on year. Targeted prevention work boosts the safety awareness of our workforce.

      To promote the health of all staff, IGP arranges regular events and campaigns as well as discounted sports activities for its employees. In the staff restaurant at the company’s headquarters, there is a strong focus on ensuring a balanced diet. In addition, IGP managers receive regular training to ensure they can provide employees with the best possible support on health issues.

    • Modern Employer, Excellent Work-Life Balance

      In tune with today’s lifestyle – flexible working hours, opportunities for part-time work and working from home, wage parity, continuing education, apprenticeships, independent working in motivated teams, employee participation in decision-making processes, and staff loyalty. All of these aspects are established practice at IGP Powder Coatings.

    • Apprentices and Climate Education

      IGP Powder Coatings provides practical training in eight different apprenticeship occupations for around 30 trainees at our Swiss location and, since 2022, also in Austria. Assuming social responsibility in our region is a matter of course for us. The IGP Company Challenge in cooperation with MyClimate helps raise awareness of climate protection issues among our apprentices. We carry out this program with our apprentices every two years.

  • Management

    • Clear Vision

      IGP Powder Coatings – the sustainable solution for surface design and protection. Our clear vision is based on two essential functions that surface coating must guarantee. In combination with sustainability, this results in a clear mission we follow every day at IGP.

    • Lived Values

      IGP Powder Coatings sees lived values as a central pillar of sustainable thought and action. Passion, partnership, team spirit, and reliability describe our approach that ensures top commitment to performance.

    • Communicated Strategy

      Clear communication of our corporate strategy ensures all our employees share the same understanding of it. This is how IGP Powder Coatings ensures we achieve our goals together.

  • Zwei Mitarbeitende der IGP Pulvertechnik AG unterhalten sich über Pulverlacke | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG

    Products and Services

    • Strict Portfolio Management

      Our strict management of our product and services portfolio supports successful solutions and eliminates weaknesses. Solutions with low market acceptance result in high costs, significant quality problems, and ultimately damage to our image. IGP Powder Coatings actively prevents this.

    • Continuous Innovation

      Innovations are the engine behind our active, competitive product and services portfolio. IGP Powder Coatings drives improvements in the powder coating industry through continuous, incremental innovation. IGP is the technology leader for effect powder coatings, low-temperature powder coatings, and systems for heat-sensitive substrates.

    • Clear Added Value and Differentiation

      Added value for customers. That is what new products and improvements are designed to achieve. IGP implements ideas, projects, and suggestions for improvement that create added value. IGP Powder Coatings also sees the sustainable, responsible use of resources and environmental protection as essential added values.

  • Supply Chain and Production

    • Responsible Purchasing

      Traceability of all the materials we use is one of the key criteria we apply when selecting input products and suppliers. IGP Power Coatings works exclusively with certified suppliers who can provide proof of safe and efficient handling of raw materials. To keep transport distances short, we procure most raw materials in Europe.

    • Safe and Efficient Production

      IGP Powder Coatings applies Six Sigma, CIP (continuous improvement processes), and lean management principles. These process management strategies go beyond the requirements for ISO certification and currently guarantee a production period of less than nine days for special articles.

      Our own operational safety officers ensure safety at our three production locations – in Poland, the USA, and Switzerland. Investments in machinery, safety measures, and training have raised IGP’s production operations to a level rarely seen in our industry.

    • Outstanding Warehouse and Distribution Logistics

      Our customers are delighted with the high availability of IGP products. We deliver most standard products within 24 hours. Our central warehouse in Germany and local warehouses on the various markets are key to our strategy of short distances with low emissions – from our production lines to each customer’s door.