“Styling is my Passion.”

Portrait of Carmen Grill

Carmen Grill has been working for IGP for 14 years. She started in Development, and is now the Head of the Customer Laboratory where she is responsible for a team of 15 employees. The main task of the department is to reproduce specific colors and create new colors. This results in custom powder samples and formulas for customers. Carmen loves her job. Two of her favorite parts of the job are developing unusual shades and supporting her colleagues with important color tips.

Although she loves being in the lab, these days Carmen more often works elsewhere. As the Head of the Customer Laboratory she releases color samples developed by her colleagues based on all kinds of inspiration. “It’s amazing what weird and wonderful objects end up in our lab. One time it was a used shoe that had to be returned to its owner as soon as we finished our work.”

Above all, Carmen loves the styling aspect of her job. This involves her team developing powder coatings with special effects or in the latest fashionable colors. “Styling is my passion. At the moment, we’re often asked for rose gold. I try to develop it in a subtle shade for architectural companies. Projects like this are a lot of fun. Here I can unleash my creativity. Customers rely on my experience and I can also think and work outside the box.” She adds: “You’ve got to understand coatings. You have to try out the blends and you can’t always anticipate the final result.”

Carmen draws on years of experience in development and shade styling. The IGP sales and consulting teams also often benefit from her experience. Her advice on colors is highly sought after. “I like working with a variety of people from different countries,” says Carmen.

Despite the growth of the company in recent years, the corporate culture has remained that of a family-run enterprise, and Carmen appreciates the short decision paths. She values the fact that good performance is noted and rewarded. “You’re not just a number. Anybody who wants to advance themselves will get a chance here.”

Carmen is also a high achiever outside work. She is a passionate dressage rider and regularly competes with her horse “Zimona von Worrenberg”.