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Powder Coatings for Lasting Aesthetics and Protection of Façades.

Façades and other building elements are under constant attack from pollution, weather, and climate effects. Depending on the location and degree of exposure, the building skin and components can be severely impacted. Our powder coatings are specially developed for this purpose and protect your architecture and ensure many years of stability in terms of gloss level, color, and aesthetic appeal.

IGP powder coatings for aluminum façade components meet our own strict quality criteria as well as the requirements of international certification bodies.

You can start by using our quality matrix here to check the suitability of specific powder coatings for your buildings. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. We’ll be happy to advise you.

Weathering Protection
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Corrosion Protection
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IGP – Effectives®
IGP – LivingSurfaces

A Suitable Choice of our Products

Living Surfaces

Grain structure, super-durable powder coating with unicolored speckles.


Deep matte powder coating for high-quality façades and design objects.


Matte powder coating with good weathering resistance and energy-efficient curing conditions for universal use.

Weathering Protection: Resistance to Climate Influences

The Right Powder Coatings for every Climate and Environment.

Our powder coatings come in three weather categories, so you can easily find a solution tailored to your requirements and application area. For every type of stress and every required aesthetic effect, you can find the ideal coating powder in various gloss levels, surface textures, and thousands of standard and special shades.

  • Weathering Category 1: Weather-resistant façade coatings

    Weathering category 1 includes a number of product ranges for certified coating of aluminum substrates in line with your specific application. Use our quality matrix for easy identification of the best powder coating for your project. We’ll also be happy to advise you personally. Simply call us or send us your inquiry by email.

  • Weathering Category 2: Extremely weather-resistant façade coatings

    In this quality level, the binders as well as the pigments are at least three times more stable against UV radiation and weathering than the standard façade quality.

    The extremely weather-resistant powder qualities of the two series IGP-HWFclassic 59 and IGP-DUR®xal 42 are certified in accordance with both GSB Master and/or Qualicoat Class 2, and meet the requirements of AAMA 2604.

  • Weathering Category 3: Ultra-highly weather-resistant façade coatings

    We developed our ultra-highly weather-resistant PLUS quality class for certified powder coating of exclusive buildings with maximum requirements in terms of gloss and color stability. These powder coatings also achieve excellent results in locations with harsh climate conditions. The surfaces are extremely easy-clean and the longer cleaning intervals save resources.

  • Weathering Category 4: Hyper-highly weather-resistant façade coatings

    Our IGP-DURAsky 95 series based on fluoropolymers offers maximum resistance to climatic and corrosive loads.  This quality category is also commonly termed “hyper-durable”. These coating powders are practically a must for top-quality façades, infrastructure objects, and objects in marine environments.

    The coatings not only exhibit outstanding weathering stability, but also excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals. This also makes them a good choice for creating surfaces with permanent anti-graffiti properties. The coating powders in the IGP-DURA®sky 95 series are approved by the Qualicoat certification body, Class 3, and meet the American Standard AAMA 2605-20.

Aesthetics: Protection and Good Looks

Ensure Long-Lasting Visual Appeal.

Many inner surfaces on façades must withstand rough handling and regular cleaning with no loss of quality. IGP’s powder coatings for this segment meet challenging requirements in terms of aesthetics and function.

Depending on the location, façade exteriors are attacked by pollutants, the weather, and cleaning agents with varying degrees of intensity. Our range of powder coatings covers a huge variety of requirements. You choose the right properties for your location to create exceptionally beautiful façades. The hallmarks of IGP façade powder coatings are maximum stability with regard to gloss levels, colors, surface textures, and durability.


Corrosion Protection: Lasting Optical Quality

When Even Aluminum Components Need Protection.

Aggressive environmental conditions, for example in coastal areas or in swimming baths, can damage even aluminum components: They often cause filiform corrosion between the coating and the surface, irrespective of the aluminum alloy quality. The resulting corrosion pitting, which typically only has a depth of a few µm, does not affect the static strength of the component, however, it is visually unacceptable.

You want façades with lasting good looks. Two-coat corrosion protection provided by IGP powder coatings is the ideal solution and is available for every weathering class. Pre-anodization of the aluminum to create an oxide layer is often recommended as a way of protecting against filiform corrosion. However, this procedure is only available from a few specialist companies. IGP’s two-coat system is more flexible and efficient.


IGP-Effectives®: Extra Quality for your Façades

Optical Depth and Unrivalled Appeal.

IGP-Effectives® applies our patented, unique process that inseparably bonds effect particles to the powder coating grains. This guarantees a cloud-free effect distribution which produces a totally uniform appearance, even on large façades. It also ensures consistent quality in terms of shade, texture, and gloss level, even for components from different manufacturers.

Due to the direct bonding of effect particles to the powder grains, IGP-Effectives achieves great optical depth. You can choose from a large range of effects, all the way from sandy textures to mica. This gives you vast creative scope to realize façades with a unique appeal.


IGP-DURAclean®: Simply More Efficient Cleaning

Powder Coatings that Shrug off Dirt.

IGP powder coatings increase the resistance of your façades to dirt. With the IGP-DURAclean® effect, we have launched a unique innovation. This feature durably retains the gloss, texture, and shade of surfaces, while also repelling dirt and dust.

Thanks to the IGP-DURAclean® function, abrasive dusts, algae, plant secretions, and fungus spores are easily removed from façades and components at a fraction of the normal cost. Owners can thus significantly reduce cleaning intervals and minimize their use of cleaning agents. This reduces maintenance costs and also benefits the environment.


IGP-LivingSurfaces: Vibrant Façades

Innovative Textures for Dynamic Surfaces.

The IGP-LivingSurfaces range creates new, contemporary designs with surfaces that come alive in unusual color compositions and textures. This vibrancy is expressed in optically flowing surfaces with deliberate, randomly distributed elements such as pigments and effects that create looks reminiscent of different stone blocks from the same quarry.

IGP-LivingSurfaces gives you completely new design options for your façades and metal components. These coatings are available in three surface characteristics: grain texture (fine plaster), wave pattern, microtexture speckles. All IGP-LivingSurfaces powder coatings are highly weather-resistant.


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