«Tradition is Good – but with a Modern Twist!»

Portrait of Hubert Lesinski

Hubert is a young, dynamic employee who has been working in the raw materials warehouse IGP OP at our location in Poland since January 2019.

Despite his young age, Hubert has already gained lots of practical experience, including with various warehouse activities.
Three years ago, a friend and former colleague recommended working for IGP. Hubert is very happy he came on board. He is full of plans and is glad to be working for a stable, future-oriented company.

Asked what motivates him to go to work each day, he says “I have to pay my mortgage!”, and laughs.

He started in Production, and one month later moved to the raw materials warehouse. Production was fascinating, full of new insights, and the four weeks flew by. But he is very happy with his current function as an employee in the raw materials warehouse. Unloading vehicles, organizing replacements from the raw materials warehouse, supplying goods to the Production department, handling raw materials returns, and much more. He explains that his job is varied, involves work with several departments, and brings him into contact with lots of different people. He also feels right at home in the team and points out that his supervisor is great and gives him the freedom to organize his own work. He finds the level of trust and loyalty enormously important.

Hubert is very open-minded and interested: in other people, in the world, and in everything in general. Culinary experiments. Travel. These are key words that describe his activities outside of work.

“The atmosphere at IGP is like at home, we are open and value each other.” Hubert laughs and adds: “Just like at my home. Because my wife works as well, I’ve taken over the cooking. Every day I put fresh food on the table, often schnitzel from the organic butcher. But I don’t follow the traditional recipe. I marinate the meat in coconut milk and honey, and serve it with Tzatziki. Tradition is good – but with a modern twist!”