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Perfect Surfaces for High-end Designs.

Where design and protection go hand in hand. Our advanced powder coating solutions and seamless service are designed to preserve the value of your products long term.

IGP powder coatings meet the highest standards of quality and protective performance for interior design solutions. Combining outstanding visual appeal with a premium feel – from smooth to finely structured – our range
offers manufacturers of furnishings the ideal powder coatings for every surface.

Products for every Requirement
Powder Coatings for
Heat-Sensitive Substrates
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A Suitable Choice of our Products


Weather-resistant low-temperature powder coatings for universal use.


Weather-resistant, low-temperature powder coatings.


Highly reactive single-coat powder coatings for seamless, all-round coating.

Products for every Requirement

Powder Coating Solutions for many Different Substrates.

Discover the wide range of IGP powder coatings, which not only impress visually, but also demonstrate their strengths on various substrates. Our cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions enable high-quality, durable, and customized coatings.

Ecological Diversity

Beauty, Protection, Style: Sustainable Surfaces.

IGP powder coatings include a wide range of options for various materials such as metal, aluminum, wood, and MDF boards. The coatings are not only visually appealing, but also functional and sustainable. They help to reduce CO² emissions through efficient application and lower energy consumption during the coating process. IGP powder coatings stand for quality, versatility, and sustainability, forming the basis for durable and aesthetically pleasing surfaces.

Sustainability aspects:

  • Free from solvents
  • No toxic substances
  • Nearly 100% of unused powder can be reclaimed
  • Reduced CO2 footprint
  • Reduced energy consumption through lower curing temperatures

Powder Coatings for Heat-Sensitive Substrates

Powder coatings last forever. Now even on wood.

The diverse range of premium powder coatings from IGP meets different requirements and ensures perfect adhesion to various materials, such as metal and wood-based materials like MDF boards. The choice of the right powder coating depends on a number of factors,  including the substrate and the desired appearance.

With IGP-RAPID®, IGP has broken new ground in the field of powder coating technology. Specifically formulated for materials such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF), our revolutionary powder coatings enable curing at lower temperatures and shorter curing times than previously possible. These technical advancements unlock a plethora of new design possibilities. Suitable for seamless coating of intricate
profiles and available in a wide range of shades and gloss levels, IGP-RAPID® offers unparalleled flexibility and quality. Additionally, these products impress with their tactile properties. Their velvety texture lends the coated surfaces a tangible sense of premium quality, raising the bar in terms of aesthetics and quality.


Enduring Beauty

IGP powder coatings preserve gloss levels and surface quality long term.

  • Increased scratch resistance – surface finishing at the highest level.

    IGP provides coating solutions characterized by outstanding functionality, longevity, and scratch resistance. Surface scratches, which often occur during use, can lead to visual impairments, dulling colors and diminishing the protective effect of the varnish. This is where IGP’s robust coatings come in, helping to extend the useful life of furniture and maintain its flawless appearance.

    Developing scratch-resistant varnishes is a challenge. With our “robust surfaces” approach, IGP has developed a solution that makes surfaces especially resistant to mechanical impacts – without compromising the coating’s visual and technical properties such as surface flow or mechanical qualities.


  • Easy to clean – long-lasting quality and easy maintenance.

    Contaminants on a coated surface are practically unavoidable in daily use. To prevent permanent damage to the coating layer, regular cleaning is necessary. Easy-to-clean surfaces prevent dirt from penetrating deeply into the material, where it is difficult to reach during cleaning. They also facilitate the removal of these substances from the surface. IGP powder coatings offer a variety of options, from the impressive performance of our universal products to specialized coatings with proven anti-graffiti properties – tailored to the intended location of your coated furniture. IGP powder coatings preserve gloss levels and surface quality over the long term.

    Furthermore, IGP powder coatings demonstrate good resistance to common cleaning agents. In addition, easy-to-clean surfaces allow the use of milder cleaning agents, providing double the benefit. If an abrasive cleaning agent must be used, robust surfaces can help to minimize any visible damage.

  • Resistance to chemicals – durability for flawless surfaces.

    Surfaces on furniture such as cabinets, tables, and chairs are exposed to a wide range of stresses. Contact with various
    substances can cause flaws such as swelling, gloss alteration, or discoloration. This is true for different environments – from living rooms and children’s rooms to kitchens and offices. The requirements include resistance to everyday substances like butter, milk, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages, as well as acidic and alkaline cleaning agents. In public spaces, this problem is intensified by longer exposure times, more frequent use, and even intentional soiling (vandalism).

    IGP has developed special powder coatings that permanently protect surfaces against graffiti. These coatings allow reliable and low-cost removal of unwanted graffiti while also guaranteeing permanent graffiti protection, as confirmed by certificates from independent test laboratories.


Lasting Beauty

Powder Coatings that Refine and Protect your Design.

In the world of design, the combination of aesthetics and functionality is the strategic success factor. Surfaces should not only look good now but also maintain their good looks over time. This is where IGP powder coatings come into play – they offer the perfect combination of aesthetics and longterm protection.

An attractive surface should draw admiring glances and provide lasting satisfaction. After all, what good is a stunning appearance if the components or furniture quickly lose their luster? As a manufacturer, you can count on the outstanding quality of IGP powder coatings to maintain the value of your investment over time.


Color Variety

Unique Color Solutions: Powder Coatings for every Industry.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating diversity of the IGP powder coating world. In our extensive standard range, you will find a wide selection of powder coatings in countless finishes and colors, with different surface characteristics and effects. Our research and development department consistently focuses on creating new systems, colors, and surface finishes that are suitable for coating metal, wood-based materials, and MDF.

IGP offers unique special effects to enhance your design objects. IGP powder coatings produce surfaces with extraordinary aesthetic qualities. For example: deep matte or high gloss surfaces with excellent flow, finely structured surfaces with remarkable tactile properties, as well as tinted clear coats and even coatings with a metallic appearance.


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