Alternative Substrates

Single and two-layer coating systems with low curing temperatures for wood-based materials (MDF, HDF, etc.) and temperature-sensitive substrates.

The demand for lightweight, but temperature-sensitive components (e.g. made of MDF) is already increasing. We can already offer powder coatings that optimally coat these innovative materials. You benefit several times over - from an ecological coating to low baking temperatures to higher process efficiency.

IGP-RAPID®complete 87

Weather-resistant, highly reactive polyester powder coatings.

IGP-RAPID®complete 88

Highly reactive single-coat powder coatings for seamless, all-round coating.

IGP-RAPID®primer 85

Primer for liquid and powder top coats for two-coat systems.

IGP-RAPID®top 38

Powder top coats for two-coat systems with a high-quality finish.