Construction and Agricultural Machinery:
for Heavy-Duty Jobs

Effective Protection, Optimized Processes, a Sustainable Future.

Machines, equipment, and vehicles for the construction and agricultural sectors are designed for heavy work. The steel structures of cranes and other heavy machine components, tractors, and plows, concrete mixers and more are exposed to harsh climatic conditions and high mechanical stresses.

IGP low-temperature powder coatings offer reliable corrosion protection in the kind of challenging environments faced by construction machines and agricultural vehicles. The coatings have undergone extensive endurance tests to ensure lasting protection. IGP focuses on environmentally friendly technologies and first-class customer service in order to meet customers’ individual requirements and offer long-term protective solutions.

Processing Speed
Versatile and
Customer Service
and Partnership

A Suitable Choice of our Products

IGP-HWFindustry 79

Superdurable, low-temperature powder coatings.


Weather-resistant, low-temperature powder coatings.


Low-temperature, epoxy-based primer.

Increase Processing Speed

Lower Energy Costs Thanks to Shorter Throughput Times.

In today’s world, both our society as a whole and the coatings industry specifically face extremely complex challenges. Geopolitical uncertainty, climate change, and unpredictable developments in the energy sector have sent production costs soaring. For this reason, it’s important to find ways to make coating processes more cost-effective and sustainable.

The highly reactive powder coatings from IGP not only allow efficient coating of large heavy-duty vehicles, but also offer significantly lower energy costs and faster throughput times. With convenient curing windows from 150 °C, they guarantee optimum coating results and enable efficiency gains in the coating process.


Chemical Resistance

The Driving Force Behind our Solutions? Technical Innovations.

The harsh conditions that machines, tools, and vehicles face in agriculture and construction often create daunting challenges for their designers.

IGP’s cost-effective and environment-conscious powder coatings sustainably increase the durability of your construction and agricultural machinery. Their resistance to chemicals means they are impervious to cleaning agents, operating materials, and chemical reactions, e. g. caused by fertilizers, construction materials, and salts. Thanks to their excellent resistance, the powder coatings retain their gloss, color, and haptic quality over the long term.

Corrosion Protection

Durability Through Customized Solutions.

Construction and agricultural vehicles, machinery, and equipment are exposed to harsh environmental conditions.
On construction sites, roads, and fields, they are subjected to chemicals, salt, and aggressive construction materials,
which can damage their surfaces and promote rust formation.

Our high-quality coating solutions permanently protect machines, vehicles, and their component parts against cor-
rosion. Our single-coat and two-coat systems have demonstrated their excellent corrosion protection properties in
endurance tests, including salt spray tests. Therefore, they can play a significant role in preserving the value of your
machines and equipment.


Versatile and Customized

Durable Finishing in the Colors of your Corporate Design.

IGP powder coatings meet typical industry specifications and technical requirements. They are not only suitable
for especially thick or thin steel parts, but also for heavy steel components. They are available in a variety of shades
specially tailored to the requirements of heavy-duty machinery.

You can request sample panels at any time. Our central warehouse means we can deliver paints quickly and efficiently. And if the shade you require is not available, you have the option of requesting a customized color formulation.


Customer Service and Partnership

Perfection Through Coating Tests and Technical Consulting.

These services allow comprehensive OEM management that supports both manufacturers and job coaters. The
IGP training and support program helps to ensure the right product is used correctly and that the required quality
standards are always guaranteed. IGP also offers a wide range of coating tests using state-of-the-art equipment
to ensure that the products meet all specifications and technical requirements.


Individual Support

Quality, Support, and Efficiency – our Passion for your Product.

Together, we’ll make your projects a success – this is IGP’s motto. Our consultants are experts in powder coatings and the coating process, providing support, knowhow, and helpful recommendations in all aspects of powder  coating.

Quality assurance through specific tests
Our specific tests offer comprehensive quality assurance for your products. Corrosion tests and weathering tests
ensure that the products are resistant and can withstand environmental influences. Mechanical and chemical tests
confirm that your products can withstand demanding operating conditions and various chemical influences without
exhibiting any negative effects. Read more here.

Technical support
Our support service offers fast response times and a wide range of support options to ensure your products meet the required specifications. Our experts are available to assist you with color matching and training for job coaters. Read more here.

Increase efficiency with Analyze-It
This service offers a comprehensive analysis of the energy efficiency of your products. The Analyze-It tool identifies
potential savings and allows us to develop customized solutions. Our experts provide support and help to optimize
products for improved efficiency. Customers receive a detailed overview of their energy consumption, enabling them to make sustainable improvements. Contact us here.

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