Solution in Sight

Identifying the Causes of Problems in Powder Coating.

As a coater and plant operator, you need to bring your A-game every single day – your customers demand flawless surfaces in consistently high quality.

But sometimes a problem can crop up which seems unsolvable. This is exactly why we developed our IGP Service Guide. Use it to initially narrow down possible sources of error. 

Our experts are also here to support you with the application of powder coatings. They can systematically identify the cause of your problem. To do this, they will need the answers to a number of questions, for example:

  • Where does the problem occur?
  • What materials and what powder coatings are involved?
  • When does it occur?
  • Under what conditions and with what plant settings does it occur?

Together with you, we document the findings and recommend actions you can take to prevent errors in the future.

Our experts can also come to your facility to help you guarantee the best possible quality and prevent errors. They do this by checking the correct settings and the interplay of the plants, substrate, pretreatment, and powder coating.