Chemical Resistance: Protective Shield for Surfaces

Powder Coatings that Shrug off the Damaging Effects of Chemicals.

Chemicals can affect powder-coated surfaces in different ways. Whether in industry or transport, on vehicles, components, façades, sanitary facilities, or in public facilities – indoor and outdoor objects alike must withstand constant attacks from chemical agents.

IGP is a leading producer of diverse chemically resistant powder coatings. They are characterized by excellent resistance to chemicals and to solvents in particular. Our coating systems have repeatedly demonstrated excellent results in independent, comparative tests involving attacks with acids, alkalis, and organic solvents such as acetone.

  • Exterior Applications

    Surfaces in exterior settings such as façades, noise barriers, rail vehicles and public vending machines must be able to withstand a wide variety of chemical stresses. The chemical resistance of our special powder coatings is exceptionally high, as confirmed by numerous independent tests. We will be happy to supply you with the test findings on request. Beyond pure chemical resistance, these powder coatings also stand up to the most severe weather conditions.

    However, lab tests alone are not enough. For the full story we need to look at their performance in practice. And this shows the unbeatable quality of IGP powder coatings. For example, numerous European rail organizations use our exceptional anti-graffiti powder coatings due to their high chemical resistance. With their toughness and resilience, these powder coatings contribute significantly to long-term value retention for coated objects. They also noticeably cut costs for maintenance and cleaning.

  • Interior Applications

    Surfaces of objects in public transport vehicles and buildings such as schools, train stations, airports, swimming baths, exhibition centers, and other event locations are continuously exposed to chemicals. Frequent cleaning, pollution, vandalism, and human sweat can all cause chemical reactions that damage surfaces.

    For these applications IGP produces a range of powder coatings that offer exceptionally high resistance. They protect even heavily stressed surfaces, ensuring lasting gloss levels, coating integrity, textures, and colors. Each of these powder coatings has its specific strengths. Simply contact us for expert advice on the individual products.

  • Applications for Road and Rail Vehicles

    Commercial vehicles must withstand extreme conditions. This is why manufacturers of heavy goods, rail, and agricultural vehicles as well as buses demand top quality from surface coating systems.

    IGP powder coatings with chemical resistance properties meet these demands without compromise. In terms of corrosion resistance, durability, and resistance to chemical and mechanical stresses such as vibration, they are among the very best solutions available anywhere in the world.

    These products excel in meeting the toughest requirements, for example for graffiti protection. This is underlined by the fact that numerous European rail companies use IGP powder coatings for their vehicles.

A Suitable Choice of our Products


Chemically ultra-resistant powder coatings with anti-graffiti effect.


Anti-graffiti powder coatings for exteriors with excellent chemical resistance.


Anti-graffiti powder coatings with a coarse structure for exterior applications.

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