Application Fields for IGP Powder Coatings

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The technical, aesthetic and ecological requirements of surface technology are complex and varied. Customer expectations are increasing continually. To meet this need for individuality at the highest level, IGP offers an integral, comprehensive range of products for architecture and industry.

Whether you choose a product from our attractive, comprehensive range of colors and effects with variable surface options, or a special shade, IGP powder coatings are perfectly coordinated systems for virtually all applications. All the products in our wide range undergo thorough testing. We perform these tests not only in our own research laboratories, but also under the most extreme natural environmental conditions. Ecological and economic factors naturally play a vital role for us.

Aluminiumkonstruktion als Fassade, behandelt mit IGP Pulverlack | © Shutterstock

Façade and Metal Construction

Steel Construction

Beige/graue Wohnwand mit Sideboard und Regal. Behandelt mit Pulverlack für qualitative Ästhetik | © Shutterstock

Design and Interior Design

Nahaufnahme von Barhockern und Tisch in Holzoptik. Oberflächen sind mit Pulverlack beschichtet. | © Shutterstock

Furniture Design and Fittings

Housings and Machine Components

Public Transport

Vehicle Engineering

Agricultural and Constructionmachinery