IGP-RAPID®: Coating new Materials

The Powder Coating Revolution for Wood, Wood-Based Materials and Plastics.

Today, the use of aluminum for lightweight components and furniture is declining. Elements are increasingly made from wood-based materials such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and from glass-fiber-reinforced plastics (GFRP). Earlier powder coatings achieved unsatisfactory results on these objects.

Now IGP-RAPID® has ushered in a new age for a market with a highly attractive future. The innovation opens up new scope because it includes high-performance powder coatings specially developed for these trend-setting materials.

The low temperatures, with curing windows from 130°C and curing times of 3 minutes, are unrivalled on the market. These products enable all-round coating of profile sections in one pass. With our cost-effective, eco-friendly powder coatings, you can enhance your design, protect your products, and gain entirely new freedom to create profiles of any shape. You can choose from dozens of shades in a variety of gloss levels.

IGP-RAPID® also provides first-class haptic quality with a velvety texture that palpably conveys high value.