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We are a leading powder coating producer based in Kirchberg near Wil, Switzerland. IGP can boast a global presence and has some 600 employees. In 2023, the company generated sales of around 140 million Swiss francs and produced 15'000 tonnes of powder coating. IGP is fully family owned and one of the most sustainable and innovative enterprises in the powder coating industry.

Around 600 Employees

Development, production, and service: around 600 people
work for IGP.

21 Locations Worldwide

IGP is represented in Europe and North America with
its own locations and distribution partners.

15'000 Tonnes of Powder Coating Per Year

IGP is one of the world’s leading producers of powder coatings.

  • “IGP Powder Coatings – the Sustainable Solution for Surface Design and Protection.”

    The IGP Vision

This is the IGP vision. Every day, some 600 employees worldwide work toward our goals.

IGP Pulvertechnik AG develops, produces, and markets powder coating solutions for surface applications in architecture, industry, and transport as well as for coating wood-based materials. IGP powder coatings enhance façades, furniture, window frames, vehicles, and a host of other products by providing a protective, aesthetic finish. Our mission is to develop and supply the perfect coating for every surface. Sustainability, durability, aesthetics, innovative and unique products: In all of these aspects, IGP is a leading player and we are committed to expanding our market share even further. At the same time, we appreciate that we have a responsibility to the environment and the people who work with and for IGP.


IGP Values

Quality starts with our values. You can hold us to our promises.

Our corporate culture and success rest on four values: passion, team spirit, partnership, and reliability. These values define our interactions in tangible ways – both internally and externally. At IGP, we invest in our corporate culture and common values.

  • Passion
    We want our employees to enjoy their work and feel pride in being part of the IGP family. They should work with enthusiasm to find the best solutions every day and strive to achieve our corporate goals. This is what we mean by passion.
  • Team spirit
    Jointly setting goals, interacting on an equal level, communicating with respect. Welcoming diversity and enriching each other. Team spirit is firmly anchored in our company.
  • Mitarbeiter in der Produktion der IGP Pulvertechnik AG produzieren neuen Pulverlack | © IGP Pulvertechnik AG
    Aiming for win-win situations, jointly finding solutions, and understanding each other. Sharing knowledge and trust – partnership is ingrained in our corporate culture.
  • Reliability
    Taking responsibility and sticking to agreements. IGP stands for quality – and our employees strive to ensure it every day. IGP stands for continuity while also driving innovation and modernization.

Do you want to be part of our committed IGP team?


Corporate Strategy

IGP’s growth strategy focuses on profit and sustainability. The company invests in value-creating, high-quality products with a high level of innovation. We are a service provider for custom, sustainable coating solutions. Maximum supply capability, agility in order processing, and consistent quality throughout our product range ensure lasting customer loyalty. Continuous research and development lead to innovative products and ensure long-term success. Here, sustainability is a major driver of innovation.

  • «IGP is the innovation leader in the powder coatings industry. This makes us proud.»

    Marc Züllig
    CEO | IGP Powder Coatings

Board of Directors

IGP Pulvertechnik AG is a family-owned company founded in 1968. Since 1996, IGP has been fully owned by the DOLD GROUP. The DOLD GROUP is an independent Swiss company owned by the third and fourth generation of the Dold family and can look back on more than a century of corporate history. It’s a story that started with the foundation of Hans Dold & Co. in Wallisellen, Zurich on August 1, 1921.

The Board of Directors of IGP Pulvertechnik AG: Marc Züllig, Eric Dold, Curt Christian Dold (Chair), Steffen Dold (Board Delegate IGP), Adrian Dold, Michael Steinlin
(left to right).

Global Presence

IGP operates three state-of-the-art production facilities in Switzerland, Poland, and the USA. It is present worldwide with 21 subsidiaries and distribution partners. Close cooperation between the subsidiaries and the parent company in Switzerland provide the basis for exchanging expertise and rapidly understanding market demands.

The lean structure and close relations with coating companies, designers, architectural companies, furniture manufacturers, and partners in industry enable IGP to quickly pick up on market needs and respond with custom solutions that meet the most discerning of demands. With quality and delivery reliability, IGP has carved out a name for itself as a reliable partner.


More Than 50 Years of Success

IGP Powder Coatings was founded in Switzerland in 1968.