«From Apprentice to Vocational Trainer – what a Great Motivation!»

Portrait of Florim Pajaziti

There is probably no better embodiment of IGP’s junior staff than Florim. With great determination, he followed his path from the Future Day to the Finance department. Meanwhile, he has got to know many other departments and can imagine there will be more to come.

His father also works for IGP, so Florim has known the company since he was very young. As a sixth-grader, he took his first look inside IGP at the Future Day. Right away, he decided that the coating powder was a great product and IGP an exciting company. That’s why he was delighted a few years later when he started a commercial apprenticeship here.

After he qualified, Florim spent six months working for the CEO Office and the Marketing department before starting his job in Accounts. Now he is well established in his job and is responsible for daily business tasks such as payments, accounting, and invoicing. Knowing exactly what to do and being able to work independently, Florim’s daily work has a structure that he really appreciates. He is also always happy to take on additional tasks such as providing practical training. Florim likes working closely with apprentices and passing on his knowledge. He is also keen to continue learning and to broaden his horizons. That’s why he aims to train as a finance specialist or pursue other professional qualifications. Another option for him in the future is switching to a different department at IGP, for example Marketing.

Even though Florim admits he can’t compare his employer with other companies, he’s sure IGP is the ideal employer for him. He enjoys the friendly, informal communication between colleagues as well as the harmonious and constructive collaboration with people from different cultures and nationalities. He says this adds even more variety to his job, which is another factor he appreciates.

Florim says he looks forward to coming to work, but of course his activities in his free time are also important. He goes to the gym up to five times a week to clear his head, wind down, and let off steam. That gives him the balance he needs to be able to work with full concentration the next day.