Anti-graffiti: Permanent Protection

Certified Powder Coatings for Guaranteed Protection Against Graffiti.

Graffiti is everywhere – on façades, on street furniture, trams and trains, and even in interior spaces. Some can be categorized as art, others are simply vandalism. Property owners, local administrations, and transport companies pay vast amounts to clean graffiti off buildings, components, and vehicles.

IGP has developed special powder coatings that permanently protect surfaces from graffiti. Their outstanding feature is high chemical resistance. These coatings ensure reliable and low-cost removal of graffiti. They guarantee permanent graffiti protection, as confirmed by certificates from independent test laboratories.

  • Highly Effective Graffiti Protection for Interiors and Exteriors

    The combination of outstanding weathering resistance and excellent chemical resistance makes our powder coatings the unique solution for anti-graffiti applications. Surfaces coated with this product benefit from long-term protection and simply shrug off the potentially damaging effects of aggressive chemicals or graffiti-removal agents.

    The anti-graffiti property of these special IGP powder coatings is unique on today’s market, anywhere in the world. Our range consists of a broad program of certified powder coatings for a huge range of applications. Whether outdoors – for example, on vehicles, façades, components, benches, and playground equipment – or indoors on furniture, walls, beams, machines, lockers, and more.

A Suitable Choice of our Products


Chemically ultra-resistant powder coatings with anti-graffiti effect.


Anti-graffiti powder coatings with a coarse structure for exterior applications.


Anti-graffiti powder coatings for exteriors with excellent chemical resistance.

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