Weather-Resistant IGP Powder Coatings

Many Years of Gloss and Color Stability for all Requirements.

Depending on the location, pollutants and climate factors take a heavy toll on building skins. What’s more, the climate is changing dramatically: humid, cool periods are followed by hot, dry weather, and UV radiation has increased over the past 50 years by 24 %. That puts stress on surfaces.

IGP weather-resistant powder coatings set new standards in terms of permanent protection against weathering compared to conventional powder coatings. They are available in various quality categories, both for standard environments and extreme climate zones. For applications in architecture and industry, we offer thousands of standard and special shades in various gloss levels and textures.

  • Transport Industry: Permanent Vehicle Protection

    Coatings on rail and road vehicles are subjected to extreme mechanical and chemical stresses every day. And even when they aren’t in use, they are constantly exposed to wind and weather. Their surfaces are under attack not only from climate factors, but also from stubborn dirt such as bird droppings, insects, sticky secretions from plants, and graffiti.

    Our comprehensive, decades-long experience in powder coating development as well as our meticulous research into new technologies have made us a specialist for coatings in the transport industry. Weathering resistance, corrosion protection, and graffiti protection are just some of the excellent features our customers appreciate in our powder coating systems for vehicles. We offer the right coating for every vehicle, ensuring long-term protection and value retention. For road or rail, from city buses to high-speed trains.

  • Weathering Categories for Applications in Architecture

    IGP façade powder coatings are available in four weathering categories. You choose the right product that meets your needs in terms of lasting aesthetics and the specific demands of the project location. Our range even includes powder coatings optimized for buildings exposed to relentless sun or harsh weather in extreme climate zones. These coatings provide long-term protection for façades. Depending on the quality category, they are characterized by high to very high gloss retention and outstanding color stability.

    To carry out an initial check of your chosen product, we recommend using our quality matrix – or simply arrange a personal consultation with one of our experts.

    Weathering Category 1: Weather-Resistant Façade Coatings
    The IGP-DURA®one 56 and IGP-DURA®face 58 ranges are weather-proof standard coatings for metallic substrates. They have been approved by the certification bodies for use on metal substrates in accordance with Qualicoat, category 1and GSB, Florida 1.

    Weathering Category 2: Extremely Weather-Resistant Façade Coatings
    In this quality level, the binders as well as the pigments used are at least three times more stable against UV radiation and weathering compared to standard façade quality.

    The highly weather-resistant IGP powder coatings in the IGP-HWFclassic 59 and the IGP-DURA®xal 42 series are certified in accordance with Qualicoat, category 2, and in some cases GSB, Florida 3. Some product groups also comply with the US standard AAMA 2604-20 for coating aluminum components.

    Weathering Category 3: Highly Weather-Resistant PLUS Façade Coatings
    This IGP façade quality based on polyester resins is unique in the powder coating industry. The energy-efficient coating powders with reduced environmental impact are around 60% more effective in terms of chalking resistance, gloss retention, and color stability than conventional highly weather-resistant products. They are also suitable for locations with harsh climate conditions.

    IGP coating powders from the IGP-HWFsuperior 57 series are certified in accordance with Qualicoat, category 2and GSB, Florida 5 They also comply with the US standard AAMA 2604-20 for coating aluminum components.

    Weathering Category 4: Ultra-Weather-Resistant Façade Coatings
    Our IGP-DURA®sky 95 series based on fluoropolymers offers the highest resistance to climate and corrosive stresses.  This quality category is also commonly termed “hyper-durable”. These coating powders are practically a must for top-quality façades, infrastructure objects, and objects in marine environments.

    The coatings display not only top weathering stability, but also excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals. This also makes them a good choice for surfaces with permanent anti-graffiti properties. IGP coating powders from the IGP-DURA®sky 95 series are approved in accordance with Qualicoat, category 3 and also comply with the US standard AAMA 2605-20.

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Super durable, robust powder coatings for lasting protection of façades.


Super durable powder coatings for protection in harsh climates.


Super durable powder coatings for deep matte, velvety surfaces.

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