IGP Training and Education Program

Boost your Skills. Effective Training in Powder Coatings

Gain even more expertise in powder coating. Our comprehensive training program offers the right further training to ensure competent, efficient use of high-quality powder coatings. These courses are ideal for both individual coaters and teams from coating companies as well as for experts who design and plan coated products.

Find the right training course for your employees and your company. 

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    Professional Training

    This training course is aimed at experienced employees and plant operators as well as managers in production shops and coating departments in the powder coating industry. During the two-day course for professionals, you will profoundly deepen and expand your knowledge.

    Key Elements of the Professional Training:

    • Basics of corrosion
    • Pretreatment processes
    • Basics of powder coating
    • Quality and testing methods
    • Preventing surface impairments
    • Adjusting coating parameters
    • Preventing coating defects
    • Insights into future development trends


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    Advanced Training

    Effective training for coating company employees who use powder coatings daily. Also ideal for anyone interested in obtaining an insight into power coating technology during a one-day course.

    Key Elements of the Advanced Training:

    • Production of powder coatings
    • Basics of coloristics
    • Product selection and application
    • Effect powders
    • Quality and testing methods


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    Individual Training

    Expertise tailored specifically to your project: This customized training is designed for companies in the coating industry. We modify the content to exactly match your company’s needs and challenges. At your request, we will carry out the training on site at your location.

    Depending on the focal points you choose, it may be useful to involve employees and managers from other departments beyond production and coating. The course builds on the topics covered in the IGP Advanced and/or IGP Professional Training courses. 


Certified Coater Program

Become an attractive partner in your specialist area:
Certified coating companies guarantee maximum process reliability and high-quality products. This program will help you gain a significant edge over your competitors.



Our truck will once again be touring Europe in 2024.

POWDER IGP ON TOUR puts an end to long journeys to trade fairs and remote consulting sessions, and enables your entire team to participate. Instead of you travelling to us, our truck stops at your powder coating company – exclusively for you.