Industry Interior

Coating powders with a wide range of special effects such as anti-graffiti, convenient burn-in windows and great variety of colours and surfaces.

Powder coating systems in interior areas must withstand robust handling and regular cleaning without loss of quality. IGP has developed coating powders specifically for this segment that meet the highest demands in terms of aesthetics and function. They are characterized by low baking temperatures and also ensure that your energy costs are reduced and the throughput times optimized.

IGP-DURA®guard 32

Chemically ultra-resistant powder coatings with anti-graffiti effect.

IGP-DURA®mix 33

Powder coatings in a wide range of colors and surface finishes.

IGP-DURA®mix 39

Scratch-resistant powder coatings for low curing temperatures.

IGP-DURA®one 66

Weather-resistant, low-temperature powder coatings.

IGP-DURA®pox 02

Chemically resistant epoxy powder coatings with an excellent finish.