Certified Coater Program (CCP): Ensuring Quality

Perfect Production Combined with Maximum Process Reliability.

Certification through our Certified Coater Program (CCP) ensures that, as a coating company, you share the same understanding of all processes as IGP, a powder coating manufacturer. As an IGP partner, you can offer your customers permanently high product quality and we will recommend you within your area of specialization. Our certification is a guarantee for your customers that they will benefit from flawless, top quality products.

  • Target Group

    Coating companies of all specializations and sizes. 


  • Contents

    Level 1 – IGP Basic: Optimize your processes (storage of IGP powder, application, and marketing), with subsequent certification.

    Level 2 – IGP Coating Partner:    Building on product certification, IGP awards four product certificates for challenging coating types:

    • IGP-Effectives® powder coatings
    • IGP-HWF (highly weather-resistant) powder coatings
    • IGP-KORROPRIMER® systems
    • IGP-LivingSurfaces
  • Benefits

    High quality standards, maximum process reliability, optimally trained coaters for all IGP products, discounts for inspections and our IGP training program, publication of your certification on the IGP website, exclusive IGP partner contract, renewable every two years.

  • Fee

    The fee depends on the duration of the certification and the number of product certificates. Simply call us or write to us to request your specific offer.


After a completing our testing program, we will award your
company the IGP Certified Coater certificate
as well as the product certificates you have gained.

  • «The CCP will help you gain a significant edge over your competitors.»

    Sarah Zihlmann
    Technical Consultant IGP Services | IGP Powder Coatings Switzerland