IGP-Effectives®: Extra Attractiveness for your Surfaces

Optical Depth with an Incomparable Effect Appearance.

IGP-Effectives® are based on our patented, unique process that inseparably bonds effect particles to the powder grains. This guarantees cloud-free effect distribution which produces a totally uniform appearance, even for large elements such as façades. You can rely on consistent quality in terms of shade, texture, and gloss level – even for components from different manufacturers. Our patented process means that these powder coatings never separate.

Direct bonding of the effect particles to the powder grain gives surfaces beautiful optical depth. You can choose from a large range of effects, all the way from sandy textures to mica. This gives you vast creative scope for your objects. You can achieve unique surfaces with outstanding appeal.

Just like our entire powder coating range, IGP-Effectives® are available in standard gloss levels such as dull matte, matte, silk matte, gloss, and silk gloss, or even in deep matte without any gloss reflection. The surface textures range from perfectly smooth to fine and coarse textures with high haptic quality you can feel.

  • Dry-Blend Mixing
    No binding of the effect particles.
  • Bonding Technology
    Partial bonding of effect particles to the powder grain.
  • IGP-Effectives®
    Complete bonding of effect particles to the powder grain.
  • For Surfaces with Maximum Effect Stability

    IGP-Effectives® technology is nothing less than a milestone in the manufacture of effect powder coatings. Uniform charging and separation behavior of the powder/effect-particle conglomerates is ensured thanks to a high bonding rate and perfect coverage.

    The influence of the coating parameters, for example voltage or powder cloud, and the type of plant and charging technology (horizontal vs. vertical plant, tribo vs. electrostatic charging) is much lower than for comparable surfaces.

  • Unbeatable Cost-Effectiveness and Stability

    Manufacturers and coaters also value the processing and recycling stability of IGP-Effectives®. Even compared with high-quality bonded powder coatings, they achieve a significantly and measurably higher effective coverage of the coating area per kilo.

    The recycling rate is a remarkable 96%. This is how IGP-Effectives® achieve the best possible application reliability and effect stability combined with unmatched economy.