Housings and Machine Components: High Protection

Powder Coatings that Significantly Extend the Service Life of your Products.

Whether in interiors, production shops in industry, or exterior spaces, metal housings protect objects, pipes, and equipment. They must withstand a wide range of mechanical, chemical, and climatic influences.

IGP powder coatings are ideal for metal housings and machine components. The provide excellent protection against corrosion and weathering as well as high resistance to scratches and impacts. What’s more, they create attractive surfaces that seamlessly blend in with high-class design of buildings, machines, and infrastructure in outdoor locations.

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Electrically Conductive

A Suitable Choice of our Products


Silk gloss, low-temperature powder coating with a coarse texture.


Weather-resistant, low-temperature powder coatings.


Chemically ultra-resistant powder coatings with anti-graffiti effect.

Robust: Protection for your Investments

Powder Coatings for the Highest Requirements.

Machine components must often withstand the highest stresses. Pollutants, dust, acids, and aggressive weathering conditions attack them and can impair their functions and shorten their lifetime.

IGP powder coatings notably increase the material resilience and abrasion resistance of machine and equipment components. Their certified corrosion and weathering protection as well as high scratch and impact protection help to ensure a long service life and lasting functionality of your machines.

Our low-temperature powder coatings are superior to conventional powder coatings in this respect. You can use them to coat even complex and solid machine components with safety, process reliability, and energy efficiency.


Chemical Resistance: Proof Against Stresses

Powder Coatings that Shrug off the Damaging Effects of Chemicals and Solvents.

Chemicals, solvents, and aggressive cleaning agents are everywhere in industrial environments. If housings and machine components are exposed to them without protection, these substances can damage surfaces, create the ideal conditions for corrosion and contamination, and shorten the service life of the products.

IGP is a leading manufacturer of powder coatings that are chemically resistant and ideal for effective, efficient coating of even large machinery and housings. Our coating systems have repeatedly demonstrated excellent results in independent, comparative tests involving attacks with acids, alkalis, and organic solvents such as acetone.


Electrically Conductive for Prevention of Downtimes

Powder Coatings that Prevent Electrostatic Charging Protect your Machines.

In industry, in production shops, and during mechanical movements, electrostatic charging of machines, housings, and equipment components represents a serious danger. For example, electrostatic discharges during manufacturing can destroy electronic components, impair product quality, and cause production stoppages or even injuries to personnel.

IGP offers special powder coatings with antistatic properties for your housing and machine components. They effectively protect your products from electrostatic charging. Because they also prevent the attraction of dust, the coated surfaces require less frequent cleaning.


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