IGP-DURAclean®: Fast, Easy Cleaning

More Efficient Cleaning, Longer Cleaning Intervals, Less Chemical Stress.

Emissions and other environmental influences make regular cleaning essential. Otherwise, dirt accumulates, damaging the appearance and integrity of surfaces. Corrosion and reduced gloss are just two of the resulting negative effects.

With IGP-DURAclean®, IGP has launched a unique innovation. These powder coatings are characterized by their ability to repel dirt. Abrasive dusts, algae, and fungus spores are easily removed from façades and components at a fraction of the normal cost. Owners can significantly reduce cleaning intervals and minimize their use of cleaning agents – this also benefits the environment.

  • Initial Cleaning – During Installation

    The sooner a newly coated object, such as a façade or a component, undergoes initial cleaning, the better it can be maintained in the future. This means that, immediately after installation, it is important to ensure that any residual construction materials such as concrete, plaster, and paint splashes are removed before they can dry on. Otherwise these residues will require aggressive cleaning agents and abrasive mechanical treatment to remove them at a later date.

    Important: Always clean the surfaces as gently as possible and rinse with plenty of water. This removes residues of salts, acids, or alkalis which can accelerate corrosion unless washed off.

A Suitable Choice of our Products


Matte, super durable powder coating with a smooth finish, optimized for facades.


Silk gloss, super durable powder coating with a smooth finish, optimized for façades.


Silk gloss, weather-resistant powder coating with energy-efficient curing conditions for universal use.

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