EPD´s Provide Precise and Relevant Information

Environmental Product Declarations Provide Transparent, In-Depth Information about the Environmental Impact of Products from IGP Powder Coatings.

Our EPDs are checked and reviewed by independent institutes (e.g., Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V., Berlin – the German Institute for Construction and the Environment), which provide transparent and quantified information concerning the environmental impact of the declared products throughout their life cycle.

In April 2014, IGP Powder Coatings was the first powder coating manufacturer to present internationally recognized environmental product declarations in accordance with ISO type III based on the standards ISO 14025, ISO 14040ff and the European standard DIN EN 15804. We continue to meet these standards today. Besides the information on manufacturing, application, and performance, a product-related life cycle impact assessment (LCIA) defines the actual environmental footprint of our products.

In accordance with the life cycle assessment method, all product-related energy and substance-related impacts as well as the specific IGP manufacturing processes are included in the EPDs issued by IGP Powder Coatings.



As the environmental impact of the coating process itself is largely dependent on the choice of pretreatment method and pretreatment chemistry, the application (pretreatment, application, curing procedure, transport to the end customer) is not included in the life cycle impact assessment model used for the manufacturing of IGP powder coatings.

On request we can provide supplementary application-related data for specific pretreatment types.