The IGP Company Challenge and MyClimate

Sustainability has been at the core of our company’s DNA for decades. Now our apprentices are joining in.

For the second time, IGP carried out the IGP Company Challenge together with the myclimate foundation. 19 apprentices from the second year of apprenticeship onwards worked on different projects.

At the end of January 2024, the IGP Company Challenge project was handed in for the committed learners. Six exciting projects were submitted:

  • Sustainable heating
  • Reduction of food waste
  • Use of solar panels
  • Purchase of a new E-Jumpy for the freight forwarder
  • Reduction of meat consumption
  • Raising awareness of sustainability

An internal jury selected the winning team and announced it at the Award Ceremony on February 29. The employees also voted for their personal audience favorite.

The jury, consisting of internal employees of IGP and the myclimate foundation, evaluated the projects on the basis of five criteria. After intensive study of the submitted documents, the jury selected the winning jury project:

«Plates with a Future» by Cecilia Leuenberger, Alejandro Martinez, Altijani Merseli and Fabienne Widmer

For Cecilia, Alejandro, Altijani and Fabienne, everything revolved around meat consumption in the canteen. With a 4-week experiment, they wanted to make vegetarian food more palatable to the employees. The group has come up with original menu suggestions so that there is something for all eaters. The "Vegi Day" was held a total of four times and concluded with a survey to the employees. With an awareness contribution about the health and ecological effects of meat consumption, the employees were sensitized.

The group has taken a creative approach to this complex topic. The group's commitment and intent to make a difference was palpable throughout the project phase. Their project management was exemplary. You have managed to encourage many employees to have a discussion. The winning team received CHF 300.00 per person.

From 12 to 23 February, all IGP employees were able to vote for their personal favourite project. The choice of the audience's favourite has won:

«IGP SolarFuture» by Cédric Stamm, Fabio von Gunten and Jenny von Känel

Why not harness the power of the sun? Cédric, Fabio and Jenny want to promote efficient energy generation and e-mobility. The idea is to cover part of the company parking lot with solar panels. The electricity generated can be used, for example, to supply the existing electrical stations with "green electricity".

The team received CHF 150.00 per person.

The next IGP Company Challenge will start in summer 2025.