Eisele Oberflächentechnik in Immendingen is one of Baden-Württemberg’s leading contract coating companies. It specializes in medical technology, mechanical engineering, and sheet metal processing. With a production area of 1,000 square meters,state-of-the-art machinery, and qualified personnel, the company offers a diverse range of services. The decision to switch all IGP powder coatings to IGP-DURA®one56 enables efficient operation of the curing oven. This optimizes production processes and boosts competitiveness. 

Product overview

Application area
Medical technology, mechanical engineering, and sheet metal processing
Product description
IGP-DURA®one is a range of certified low-temperature powder coatings for application on metallic components in interior and exterior areas (from 15 min / 160°C). The coatings are weather-stable and resistant to film degradation. The product range includes a variety of shades and effects.
  • «IGP-DURA®one 56 takes our coating technology to the next level of efficiency.»

    Roland Eisele
    CEO | Eisele Oberflächentechnik GmbH
The initial situation
The company’s coating process is characterized by challenges due to the use of two powder booths, in which different powder coatings are routinely applied, and the necessity to cure the substrates in the same conveyor oven. The throughput speed must be adjusted depending on the next coating job, especially for structures with varying wall thicknesses. These factors impair efficiency, make production planning time-consuming, and reduce flexibility.
The solution
The use of IGP-DURA®one 56 powder coatings proved to be an effective solution for optimizing the process. The key success factor was the excellent over-curing stability of IGP-DURA®one 56. These powder coatings enabled continuous operation of the conveyor system in the curing oven. This significantly reduced the need to adjust the throughput speeds. Furthermore, the coating company was able to lower the oven temperature when applying IGP-DURA®one 56 in both powder booths.
The added value
The transition to IGP-DURA®one 56 has significantly optimized the coating process. The product’s over-curing stability enables smooth operation of the curing oven, simplifies production and planning, and increases efficiency. Fewer speed adjustments of the conveyor system mean that more parts can be coated in the same time. Over-curing problems when coating parts with varying wall thicknesses have been virtually eliminated. The option of lowering the oven temperature also promises economic benefits through increased energy efficiency and resource conservation.