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Powder Coatings for Lasting Good Looks and Steel Protection.

Architects, planners, and engineers often choose steel as a construction material because it is cost-effective, hardwearing, sturdy, and extremely versatile. However, steel comes with a major drawback: It is susceptible to rusting. To retain the positive properties of steel over time, it requires an anti-corrosion primer and a weatherproof, practically impervious coating.

IGP-KORROPRIMER powder coatings are the ideal two-coat systems for your steel constructions. They actively protect substrates such as steel or galvanized steel against all forms of corrosion and also enrich the surface with a superior visual quality.

Corrosion Protection
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Weathering Protection

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Powder coating primers for steel, outgassing substrates, and aluminum.


Super durable, robust powder coatings for lasting protection of façades.


Weather-resistant, low-temperature powder coatings.

Corrosion Protection: Certified Effectiveness

Powder Coatings with High Corrosion Protection for all Application Fields.

The eco-friendly and extremely hardwearing IGP-KORROPRIMER systems for corrosion protection of steel are characterized by outstanding properties. Renowned institutes have certified them in accordance with the corrosion categories set out in DIN EN 12944-2. Furthermore, they meet the requirements of powder coating systems according to DIN 55633 for alloyed and non-alloyed steel as well as DIN EN ISO 1461 for hot-dip galvanized steel components in thicknesses of at least 3 mm.

To achieve optimal corrosion protection, see the list of products by corrosion category. We will be happy to advise you in person.


Weathering Protection: Durable Quality

Weather Resistance and Lasting Protection of Steel.

Highly weather-resistant powder coatings from IGP provide lasting protection for steel components against damage caused by pollutants, climate, wind, weather, and intensive sunlight. They meet stringent quality requirements without compromise and provide exceptional, lasting protection.

As a result, our powder coatings will protect your steel construction components throughout the warranty and certification periods, ensuring many years of stable textures, gloss levels, and shades.

For your steel construction components at any location, in any climate zone, and for any stress level, you will find the ideal powder coatings from IGP in a large variety of colors, versions, and gloss levels.


Degassing Surfaces: Prevention of Blister Formation

The Ideal Powder Coatings for Galvanized and Cast Components.

Porous metal substrates such as hot-dip galvanized steels tend to degass during the curing process. This is why blisters often form beneath the surface of conventional powder coatings.

To prevent this, we have developed IGP-DURA®vent, our series of single-coat powder coatings for degassing substrates. They feature good adhesive strength and weathering resistance, and also offer proven high corrosionresistance that corresponds to corrosion category C4-H in accordance with DIN EN 12944.

The Qualisteelcoat approvals for all IGP-DURAvent product groups provide metal construction and coating companies with proof of component protection in accordance with DIN EN 1090-2 on galvanized steel components.

  • Duplex Process

    Duplex systems combine galvanization with powder coating. They protect the galvanization layer against weather-related wear and chemical attacks. Duplex systems also create surfaces with unique aesthetic qualities.

    If galvanized steel components are permanently exposed to salty air or moist soil, the resulting zinc erosion may exceed 8 μm per year. Therefore, the zinc coating should be protected at these locations with a powder coating. This will increase the duration of corrosion protection by a factor of between 1.2 and 2.5. Duplex systems are now also standardized thanks to the introduction of DIN 55633.

  • Single or Two-Coat Structure

    IGP-DURA®vent powder coatings are ideal for degassing substrates. Coatings in this series are specially developed for single-coat powder coating systems on porous metal substrates such as hot-dip galvanized steels. They offer high corrosion resistance that corresponds to corrosion category C4-H in accordance with DIN EN 12944.

    Two-coat powder anti-corrosion systems give you even more design freedom when choosing the type of top coat protection. In addition to our IGP DURA®vent powder coatings, you can also use the products in our IGP-DURA®face or IGP-HWF lines. Two-coat systems significantly boost the protective effect. The DIN 55633, Annex A classification confirms that the top corrosion category C5 I/M (protection for up to 15 years) can be achieved with corresponding coating thicknesses.

    IGP-KORROPRIMER 10V is ideal for two-coat system structures on galvanized steel and cast components. Priming with a powder coating prevents surface faults due to exhalating substrates and guarantees a pore-free surface.

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