Opernfundus Hamburg

The Opernfundus in Hamburg is an architectural jewel that reflects the history and culture of the city. The building is in a central location and is a characteristic feature of the Hamburg skyline.


Hamburg, DE
Year of manufacture
DFZ Architekten Hamburg

Project details

The opera fundus of the Hamburg State Opera, also known as the new archive building, presents itself with a striking red façade as a modern architectural jewel in the heart of the city. As part of the comprehensive expansion and modernization project of the Hamburg State Opera, the new building not only provides a functional storage facility for valuable archive materials, but also an aesthetic enrichment for the surrounding area.

The red façade of the opera fundus blends harmoniously into the urban cityscape and at the same time sets a bold architectural accent. The vibrant color symbolizes the creative energy and vitality that the building houses. The clean lines and modern design give the building a contemporary feel and make it an architectural eye-catcher.

The new opera fundus building is not only a functional archive building, but also a symbol of the cultural wealth and artistic significance of the Hamburg State Opera. With its unique design and innovative furnishings, the Opernfundus stands for the future viability and progress of the renowned opera house and helps to preserve and promote the rich cultural tradition of the city of Hamburg.


Used products


Matte, super durable powder coating with a smooth finish, optimized for facades.


Matte, more Increased scratch resistance, super-durable powder coating, IGP-Effectives® technology.