For many years, the old KB32 freight train hotel in the center of Copenhagen stood empty. With its distinctive and somewhat polarizing 1960s brutalist style, the 180-metre-long building was a unique but neglected part of the city. Recently, in collaboration with Swedish firm Genesta and Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, KB32 was remarkably transformed from an old freight yard into a modern six-storey open-plan office.


Copenhagen, DK
Year of manufacture
Vilhem Lauritzen Architects

Project details

Paying homage to its original design, the 180-metre-long building, originally designed by architect Ole Hagen in 1967, has been repeatedly altered over the years, so that the final appearance deviated considerably from the original intention. The redesign focused on returning to the building's roots, taking into account and enhancing the qualities inherent in the building from the outset.
Creating seamless transitions between the interior and exterior spaces was a key focus of the renovation. The building now features a continuous roof terrace that runs the length of the building and serves as a versatile space for accommodation and training. In addition, strategic openings were created to allow access to the National Archives garden from the second floor and create external balconies on the south gable. There is a reception area on each floor, designed as a cozy café with a kitchenette, encouraging natural sociability among the building's occupants.
In 2022, the building was named "Office Buliding of the Year 2022". The jury's reasoning for the "Office Building of the Year 2022" award was as follows:
"The transformation of Copenhagen's ugliest building into a sleek, stylish and timeless office building is simply remarkable."

Used products


Deep matte powder coating for high-quality façades and design objects.


Deep matte powder coating for high-quality façades and design objects.