Tailored to Your Project

Now available from IGP and DOLD: our new System Coating Box. It contains powder coating and wet coating samples tailored to each customer’s specific project.

In and on public transport vehicles, different materials and components from various manufacturers and suppliers are often installed next to each other. Depending on requirements, these components are finished with wet or powder coatings. The major challenge lies in ensuring that all surfaces present a consistent overall appearance. System coatings from IGP and DOLD do just that. Our perfectly matched powder and wet coatings always produce a seamless total appearance.

The Perfect Duo of Powder and Wet Coatings

IGP and DOLD now offer a project box for the public transport vehicle industry. It contains sample plates in A4 format tailored to the specific project. Depending on requirements, the box comes with up to eight different samples coated with wet and powder coatings.

Do you require samples for your project? Simply order a System Coating Box with powder and wet coating samples tailored to your project. We look forward to hearing from you.