TI101 - Electrostatic Discharge Capable IGP Coating Powder

Explanation of terms

The contact quality between the metallic measuring electrode and the surface to be measured is decisive for a correct measurement. To largely eliminate errors, cylindrical electrodes with a weight of 2.5 kg are used together with a soft, conductive rubber mat adhered to the surface. This ensures an excellent contact over the full area. Prior to measurement, contamination must be completely removed from the surface to be measured.

The measurement distance between the electrodes, measured from the centers of the electrodes, must be 250 mm.

Values below 104 Ω are considered conductive, while surface resistances greater than 1011 Ω are defined as electrically insulating.

Since the conductivity between two points on the surface is significantly influenced by the coated substrate, the results when using coated aluminum may be inadequate, which is why the use of coated aluminum in ESD applications is not recommended.


For electrically conductive powder coatings. The main purpose is protection from electrostatic charging and any resulting arcing as well as fast discharging. However, another important requirement is to prevent dust attraction in industry, offices, and many other areas including private homes.
Apart from irritation or health problems caused by discharges that pass through the body, electrostatic events can cause serious losses in industry, e.g., by destroying electronic components during manufacturing or other operations. Dust particles attracted electrostatically can severely impair product quality. Safety can also be affected due to the increased explosion risk.

Processing information

Settings designed to achieve conductivity may lead to slight shade alterations. To obtain optimum values in terms of electrical resistance, it is imperative to maintain a coating thickness of 60 to 80 μm. Due to the surface properties, only comparative measurements are possible on textured powder coatings.

The required coating thicknesses here are between 80 and 100 μm.

Product range

Electrically conductive powder coatings are indicated by the code “C”. This appears as the 11th digit in the IGP article number, for example: 6807A70350C00. Currently, the following powder ranges are available with this special property:

For further information, see the technical data sheets IGP-DURA®mix 33 as well as IGP-DURA®pol 68 in a gloss and silk gloss finish.