Friends apartment buildings

The Friends apartment buildings present themselves as a charming and inviting residential complex that impresses with its unique architecture and pleasant atmosphere. Situated in a quiet and green environment, the apartment buildings offer a harmonious combination of modern design and cozy living comfort.


Munich, DE
Year of manufacture
LBBW Immobilien-Gruppe

Project details

The facades of the residential buildings are characterized by their diversity and individuality. Different colors, materials and architectural styles give each building its own character and contribute to the lively overall appearance. Large windows provide plenty of daylight in the living spaces and at the same time offer a picturesque view of the surrounding landscape. The interiors of the Friends residential buildings are just as attractively designed as the external facades. Modern apartments and houses offer generous living space and flexible design options for individual needs. High-quality materials and stylish details create a cozy atmosphere and invite you to linger. The communal areas and leisure facilities are a central part of the residential complex. Large green spaces, playgrounds, communal gardens and barbecue areas offer residents the opportunity to relax, play and experience community. In addition, there are often communal rooms where events can take place or which can be used for joint activities. The Friends residential homes stand for a modern yet harmonious living concept that emphasizes quality, comfort and community. They offer their residents a home in which they can feel comfortable and secure.