Head office SachsenEnergie

The Sachsen Energie Dresden headquarters is an architectural highlight that impresses with its modern aesthetics as well as its functionality. The building is in a central location and is a striking landmark in the city's skyline.


Dresden, DE
Year of manufacture
Marg and Partner Architects

Project details

The façade of the head office impresses with its clear lines and contemporary design. Large glass fronts allow plenty of daylight into the rooms and create an open and friendly atmosphere. The use of high-quality materials such as steel and concrete gives the building a robust yet elegant appearance. A special feature of the head office is its sustainable design concept. Thanks to the integration of solar panels, energy-saving lighting and efficient thermal insulation, the building is not only environmentally friendly, but also energy-efficient and resource-saving. The interior of the head office is just as impressive as the exterior architecture. Modern offices, spacious meeting rooms and innovative communal areas provide an inspiring environment for effective work and creative ideas. In addition, the Sachsen Energie Dresden headquarters offers a variety of amenities for employees, including a cafeteria, fitness rooms and outdoor relaxation areas. These help to create a pleasant working environment and promote the well-being of employees. Overall, the Sachsen Energie Dresden headquarters embodies the company's values and stands for innovation, sustainability and efficiency. It is not only a workplace, but also a place where employees and visitors alike can feel comfortable and inspired.