IGP-DURA®xal 4201E-L3


Deep matte, highly weather-resistant powder coating for high-quality façades and design objects with the appearance of anodized aluminum.

IGP-DURA®xal 4201 is a deep matte, velvety powder coating on an acrylic copolymer base with a unique quality: It perfectly imitates the surface of matt anodized aluminum. Thanks to its metallic appearance and highly weather-resistant, UV-resistant, perfectly finishing surface, this powder coating is ideal for use in high-end architecture and top-quality design objects.

  • Characteristics
    • Deep matte
    • Smooth flow
    • Pearl mica
    • Super durable facade quality,
      3 years Florida > 50% residual gloss
  • Curing conditions
    180 °C20 minutes25 minutes
    190 °C10 minutes15 minutes
    200 °C6 minutes10 minutes
    In order to determine ideal curing conditions, we recommend practical trials with the respective object and curing oven.

    Additional information regarding processing
    can also be found in the IGP processing instruction VR207.2
    “IGP-DURA®xal”. Our Technical Customer Service Department will be happy to help you.