Longley Place, Brighton

The new Longely Place building in Brighton is a fascinating example of modern architecture that adds contemporary elegance to the city's skyline. The striking building rises with a blend of glass, steel and concrete, creating an impressive combination of strength and aesthetics.


Brighton, GB
Year of manufacture
EPR Architects

Project details

Longley Place in Brighton is an architectural gem that stands out not only for its innovative design, but also for its high quality finish. The use of IGP 4201E82291L3F, an advanced DuraXal powder coating system, has not only helped to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building, but also ensure its longevity and resistance to the elements. The decision to coat the entire building with 1.7 tons of IGP DuraXal demonstrates a commitment to quality and design down to the smallest detail. The deep matt finish with pearlescent effects gives the building a contemporary elegance and emphasizes its modern architecture in a subtle but effective way. The dark brown shade of IGP DuraXal harmonizes perfectly with the surrounding landscape and blends seamlessly into the natural environment. At the same time, it creates an inviting and warm character that invites visitors to step closer and discover the beauty of this architectural masterpiece. Longley Place in Brighton is not just a building, but a statement of contemporary design, quality and sustainability. Thanks to the innovative surface coating, it is not only a visual highlight, but also an example of intelligent construction technology that will stand the test of time.

Used products


Deep matte powder coating for high-quality façades and design objects.