Schwäbisch Media, Ravensburg

The Schwäbisch Media building in Ravensburg is an architectural gem that harmoniously combines modern aesthetics with traditional elements. The building, which is located in the heart of Ravensburg's historic old town, impresses with its striking façade and inviting appearance.


Ravensburg, DE
Year of manufacture
Wiels Arets Architects

Project details

The exterior design of the Schwäbisch Media building is characterized by clear lines and contemporary architecture that blends seamlessly into the cityscape. The façade is made of high-quality materials and gives the building an elegant and appealing look. Large windows create a bright and open atmosphere inside the building and offer an impressive view of the surrounding landscape. A special feature of the Schwäbisch Media building is its successful combination of tradition and modernity. While the exterior design of the building is modern and contemporary, traditional elements such as wood paneling and handcrafted details were used inside the building to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The architects placed great emphasis on functionality and aesthetics when designing the Schwäbisch Media building. The building not only provides ample space for the company's offices and workspaces, but also has modern features and amenities for employees and visitors. Overall, the Schwäbisch Media building is an architectural masterpiece that is a real eye-catcher in Ravensburg with its successful combination of tradition and modernity as well as its aesthetic design. It combines the practical requirements of a modern office building with an appealing and inviting atmosphere that invites people to work and linger.

HWFclassic 5909A90050F00 was used to maintain the modern look and to protect the corresponding parts that were coated with this powder coating system. The matt dark black surface harmonizes with the glassy appearance of the building. 

Used products


Super durable, smooth finish powder coating with high gloss as base or topcoat variant.