The Hafengold project in Offenbach am Main is an architecturally impressive and multifaceted urban development project that stretches along the banks of the Main. The project comprises a mixture of residential, commercial and leisure areas that enrich urban life.


Offenbach, DE
Year of manufacture
Fischer Architekten GmbH

Project details

The solar shading systems of the Hafengold project were carefully coated with around 800 kg of the high-quality powder coating system DuraFace 5807E81012A00. This powder coating system, specially developed for façades, not only offers added aesthetic value, but also serves as effective protection against the intense sunlight that could fade the material over time. DuraFace is characterized by its outstanding durability and longevity, ensuring that the Hafengold project's solar shading systems retain their attractive and modern look in the long term. The light brown color in which the sun shading systems are coated gives them a contemporary and elegant look that fits perfectly with the overall concept of the project. The choice of color and coating system was carefully selected to ensure that the sun shading systems are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The light brown color not only harmonizes with the surrounding architecture and landscape, but also conveys the modern and contemporary impression that the Hafengold project wants to convey. Overall, the use of the DuraFace powder coating system helps to ensure that the solar shading systems not only fulfill their protective function, but also contribute to the visual appeal and longevity of the Hafengold project.

Used products


Silk gloss, weather-resistant powder coating with facade suitability