Stream Berlin

The Stream Tower, an architectural icon in the heart of Berlin, rises majestically above the surrounding skyline. With its futuristic design and striking shape, the tower immediately attracts attention and fascinates visitors from all over the world.


Berlin, DE
Year of manufacture
Gewers Pudewill Architekten

Project details

The Steam Tower in Berlin was completely coated with HWF Classic 5903E93377S70, both the window profiles and the façade panels. In total, almost 10 tons of powder were used to coat the entire façade with numerous windows and window frames. This coating provides robust protection against all types of weather conditions and ensures a long service life for the coated parts. The Steam Tower, an architectural masterpiece, rises majestically above the Berlin skyline. The use of HWF Classic not only gives it an aesthetically pleasing look, but also offers excellent weather resistance. Residents and visitors to the tower can rest assured that the façade will withstand the elements while maintaining its aesthetics. With this high-quality coating, the Steam Tower is not only a symbol of modern design, but also an example of durability and functionality.

Used products


Matte, super durable powder coating with a smooth finish, optimized for facades.