Community center Volketswil

The Volketswil community center presents itself as an architectural jewel that attracts attention and is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding landscape. With its modern yet inviting aesthetics, it embodies the vibrant diversity and dynamic community life of the town.


Volketswil, CH
Year of manufacture
Müller Sigrist Architekten

Project details

The window frames of the municipal building in Volketswil were carefully coated with 800 kg of the high-quality powder coating system DuraXal 4201E90066A3F. This coating in deep matt black with a pearl mica effect not only provides an aesthetic enhancement, but also serves a practical purpose by effectively protecting the window frames and associated parts from a wide range of weather influences. The choice of black powder coating system not only contributes to the durability of the window frames, but also creates an appealing contrast to the overall appearance of the modern office building. The deep matt finish with pearl mica effect gives the building a contemporary elegance and emphasizes its architectural details in an unobtrusive way. This carefully chosen coating solution not only ensures the functionality of the window frames, but also enhances the aesthetic appearance of the Volketswil municipal building, helping it to blend seamlessly into its modern surroundings while emphasizing its striking presence.