Europaallee is an architectural masterpiece that stretches through the heart of Zurich and offers a perfect symbiosis of modern design and urban lifestyle. This vibrant and versatile development combines living, working and leisure spaces in a fascinating way.


Zurich, CH
Year of manufacture
Max Dudler

Project details

The HWFclassic powder coating system, which was used for the window frames as well as for the coating of other important parts in the construction of the Europaallee buildings, is proving to be a first-class solution for long-term protection against the vagaries of nature. This highly weather-resistant coating, especially suitable for the façade, is designed to protect the components from a wide range of weather conditions, be it bright sunshine, heavy rain or snowfall. The choice of this powder coating solution not only underlines the commitment to quality and durability, but also contributes significantly to the overall aesthetic appearance of Europaallee. The colors used for the coating were carefully selected to harmonize perfectly with the color tones of the facades. This creates visual continuity and gives the buildings a harmonious and appealing appearance. In addition, the HWFclassic powder coating system not only offers protection against weathering, but also ensures easy maintenance and cleaning of the coated surfaces. This durable coating helps to preserve the buildings on Europaallee in the long term and maintain their beauty so that they remain an attractive and vibrant center of urban life in Zurich in the future.

Used products


Matte, super durable powder coating with a smooth finish, optimized for facades.


Matte, super durable powder coating with a smooth finish, optimized for facades.