Grosspeter Tower

Switzerland's first "fully solarized high-rise" sets a new standard in solar architecture. The customized solar modules of the Grosspeter Tower in Basel are harmoniously integrated into the façade and play a decisive role in the overall architectural concept without appearing technically cool. Burckhardt+Partner AG has cleverly integrated the supporting structure into the façade in order to make the interior of the high-rise building efficient and versatile. Despite the challenges in the implementation process, the result is a pioneering project.


Basel, CH
Year of manufacture
Burckhardt+Partner AG

Project details

The client, PSP Real Estate Zurich, has a strong focus on investing more in climate protection. This ambition is clearly reflected in the construction of the Grosspeter Tower in Basel, a building complex with office space and a hotel. Clear guidelines were set from the outset, including the requirement to limit transparent façade parts to 50% of the façade surface, while the other half was designed as an insulated façade construction. This decision is aimed at reducing thermal loads, requiring less cooling energy and increasing comfort. The photovoltaic façade serves as visible proof of the project's ecological aspirations.
The realization of the Grosspeter Tower presented all those involved with a variety of technical, structural and design challenges. In addition to the aesthetic design of the solar modules and their integration into the electrical grid, the interfaces between the façade builder, the photovoltaic contractor and the architect also had to be successfully managed. The challenging process paid off - the result is a pioneering example of "fully solarized high-rise buildings" in Switzerland and internationally.

The architects at Burckhardt+Partner AG achieved the client's ambitious goals by cleverly integrating the solar modules into the façade without foregrounding the technology. The design of the façade is particularly impressive, as the solar modules are barely noticeable as such. The successful overall concept, which harmoniously combines solar technology, architecture and supporting structure, deserves special mention.
The architectural images were provided by photographer Alexander Bernhard.

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