Hotel and residential area Adenauerallee

The Adenauerallee forms part of the main road leading from Hamburg city center to the Berliner Tor in the St. Georg district. High-rise buildings up to 90 meters tall characterize this street, while the skyline in the neighboring district is significantly lower. In terms of the building heights and dimensions, the planned structures on the plot are designed to harmoniously integrate with the existing urban context.


Hamburg, DE
Year of manufacture
Störmer, Murphy and Partners

Project details

The overall project comprises a 55-meter-tall high-rise building with 113 residential units on 17 floors, as well as a 4-star hotel with 277 rooms in a seven-story block. In terms of urban development, the complex will close the gap between Lindenstrasse and Böckmannstrasse. The magnificent building was finished with 1.5 tons of IGP powder coating, applied to the window profiles and panels.