Anti-Corrosion Coatings

Guaranteed Long-Term Corrosion Protection with IGP Powder Coatings.

IGP developed IGP-KORROPRIMER solutions to permanently protect substrates such as steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum from corrosion. For every application and substrate, we supply single-coat or two-coat systems that have proven their excellent anti-corrosion properties in endurance tests. The two-coat systems combining primer and top coat have been tested and certified by independent institutes up to C5 – the top corrosion class for objects in coastal environments.

Steel is an extremely popular construction material. It is low-cost, strong, and very versatile. But one of its greatest drawbacks is corrosion, or rust.

  • Corrosion Factors: Environmental and Man-Made

    Factors that cause corrosion include environmental conditions, such as high humidity or salt content in coastal atmospheres, as well as pollution and increasingly intensive UV radiation.

    Residues from metal-machining processes can also accelerate corrosion. The most well-known example of corrosion is rust formation on iron. This is caused by the production of an oxide that is a solid substance. As the corrosion advances, it builds up on the metal surface in the form of a thick, porous coating. This reduces the positive properties of the steel such as its load-bearing capacity, strength, and toughness.

    However, corrosion not only affects steel substrates. Filiform corrosion attacks coated aluminum substrates exposed to chlorides in combination with high humidity.

  • Certified Expertise: IGP Certified Coater Program

    Damage to substrates can only be avoided if the corrosion protection work is carried out professionally. Otherwise, corrosion can progress unnoticed under the surface and increasingly weaken the substrate.

    Only qualified personnel with special expertise can ensure effective corrosion protection. Our IGP Certified Coater Program guarantees expert application of corrosion protection systems for the prevention of damage. Our technical consultants inspect our coating partners and certify them in accordance with IGP standards.

    The internationally recognized DIN label quality mark, plus confirmation by a renowned certification institute, give our customers the security they need. They can count on the top anti-corrosion properties of our primers and powder coatings.


  • IGP Corrosion Tests: Our Service for your Security

    The most important functions of corrosion protection systems from IGP are guaranteed surface quality and permanent corrosion prevention. Benefit from our special service – using standardized IGP testing equipment, we carry out a corrosion test on your specific coated structures.

    You get the results of the corrosion test in accordance with DIN 55633 or DIN EN ISO 12944 for your own records. You can also request tailored advice from our expert consultants. They will tell you all you need to know about the correct coating structure for corrosion protection of your substrates.

  • IGP Certificates: Tested Quality

    IGP regularly engages independent laboratories and institutes to test our corrosion protection systems. We also carry out extreme stress and endurance tests in our own labs. At your request, we would be happy to provide you with certificates for our corrosion protection systems.

    IGP products are certified by these organizations:

    SP – Technical Research Institute Sweden, Chemical and Material Technology
    The Swedish institute tested and approved coatings with IGP-KORROPRIMER systems in accordance with STD VCS 1027.149 “Accelerated corrosion test”. This test is a high-level version of the salt spray test widely used in the automotive industry, for example.

    Qualicoat International – Certification Body for the Coating of Aluminum for Architectural Applications
    IGP-KORROSYSTEM 60: Qualicoat-certified two-coat system (No. P-xxxx) for aluminum substrates, consisting of IGP-KORROPRIMER 60 and any Qualicoat-tested IGP top coat (e.g. KORROPRIMER 6007A70xx0A00 and top coat 5903A90050S70).

    Qualisteelcoat International - The IGP Powder Coatings
    10 and IGP-KORROPRIMER60 in combination with the topcoats of the IGP-DURAface 58 series are certified for use on blasted and galvanized steel components. The powder coating systems provide corrosion protection up to C5-H, depending on the structure and substrate.

  • Corrosion Categories: The Right Protection at every Location

    Tests in accordance with DIN 55633 and DIN ISO 12944-6 have confirmed the benefits of our eco-friendly, highly durable powder coating systems for corrosion protection.

    To achieve optimal corrosion protection, choose the right coating structure for your substrate and application field. Professional application is vital to ensure that the powder coating system fulfils its optimal anti-corrosion function.

    Simply call or write to us if you have any questions regarding product application. Our corrosion specialists will be happy to give you expert advice.

    C3 – Moderate:
    Application fields: urban areas and industrial atmospheres with moderate sulfur dioxide pollution, food industry, breweries, laundries, mild coastal climate with low salt load

    C4 – Severe:
    Application fields: industrial atmospheres, severely polluted urban regions, swimming baths, chemical plants, coastal areas with medium salt load

    C5 – Extreme:
    Application fields: industrial atmospheres with high relative humidity and aggressive atmospheres as well as coastal and near-coastal areas with high salt load, extreme humidity, extremely corrosive atmospheres, industrial plants in subtropical and tropical climates

A Suitable Choice of our Products


Powder coating primer for aluminum and steel with good UV resistance.


Low-temperature primer for use on thick-walled substrates, suitable for steel and aluminum.


Epoxy resin primer for best possible corrosion protection on steel.

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