The Fascination of Beautiful Surfaces

The feel of concrete, the low weight of aluminum. It sounds like a contradiction. However, the coarse, speckled surface produced by the IGP-LivingSurfaces® range of coatings makes this possible.

IGP-LivingSurfaces® coatings reproduce the feel and aesthetics of natural and artificial stone – and are as lightweight as they are resource-friendly. This makes them the ideal choice for façades.

The design of a building’s façade has an impact that extends all the way down to its foundations. The heavier the chosen material, the stronger those foundations must be. In particular, reinforced concrete greatly increases the total weight of the building. Besides its production, the transport of steel and concrete also has a significant environmental impact.

Concrete offers many other advantages besides its excellent moldability, durability and, last but not least, aesthetics. So are there any viable alternatives? As a specialist in powder-based and highly weather-resistant coatings, IGP Powder Coatings has addressed precisely this issue. The pigment specialists at IGP Powder Coatings have developed a powder coating with a solid appearance that can otherwise only be achieved using processed natural or artificial stone materials. The coarsely ground  powder-coating compounds breathe life into surfaces. They replicate the optics of natural and artificial stone such as concrete, yet retain a unique character of their own. As a coating on aluminum, they enhance the lightness of the façade.

 IGP-LivingSurfaces  coatings are available in three variants: micro-speckles, wave texture, and grainy/plaster texture. The various textures and structures give the material the vibrancy and feel of natural stone, which is typically used in façade construction. You can even order custom colors and textures for your specific project.  The IGP-LivingSurfaces  range also includes extreme weathering resistance, a feature synonymous with all IGP Powder Coatings products.